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        iHorn and Vanke signed an agreement for a "joint lab"
        Release time: 2018-09-30

        On September 26, the 4th signing ceremony and cooperation topic starting meeting of Vanke Joint Innovation Platform was held in Vanke Green R&D Center, Xiong'an. Shenzhen iHorn, a member company of China Security, Fotile, Hisense, Simon, Opple and other companies signed R&D cooperation agreements with Vanke respectively for establishing joint labs to accelerate conversion of research results and achieve win-win effect.

        As a research entity (without legal person status) established by two businesses, the lab sits in Xiong'an Vanke Green R&D Center and consists of staffs for technology development and applications from two parties, which will start a long-term, close and extensive cooperation in science research and talent cultivation. By establishing this "production-study-research complex", Vanke and iHorn attempt to push transformation of scientific research to production and to promote their mutual development. 

        Xiong'an Vanke Green R&D Center is a R&D platform established by Vanke Group for technological innovation, research and development, environmental management and green building, and the first R&D center for building technology that is put into service in Xiong'an New Area.

        According to the cooperation agreement, two parties will build a joint R&D space where the traditional "owner" and "contractor" relationship will not exist. In this R&D space, Vanke and iHorn will invest more efforts into research and development against pain points with an aim of making practical products, a way for two parties to win and get benefit and to make a Xiong'an sample for building a modern city where people and the nature live harmoniously. 

        As a strategic partner of Vanke, Shenzhen iHorn has established a sound and great partnership with Vanke in smart community and smart home. This joint lab agreement marks the deepening and upgrading of their strategic cooperation and indicates their joint efforts to empower Xiong'an New Area for building a smart city. iHorn will continue to explore win-win cooperation mode with large property developers in smart community and smart home fields; this is used as a way to jointly move the transformation and upgrading of property industry to intelligence.

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