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        Shenzhen iHorn listed into China Top 10 Security Brands 2018 and received two prizes for "construction of safety"
        Release time: 2018-10-15

        Recently, Shenzhen iHorn, a member company of China Security Co., Ltd, was awarded with China Top 10 Security Brands honor again for its deep expertise and innovative products and solutions. This award, granted on the 2018 Awarding Ceremony for China Top 10 Security Brands and Security Development Summit held by a&s, is intended to encourage and praise excellent enterprises which keep a high-speed growth and play a positive role in industry development.

        "a&s China Top 10 Security Brands" award is one of the most authoritative and valuable prizes in security community. After a voting-based selection that lasted several months, Shenzhen iHorn did not disappoint us and managed to receive the award for anti-theft alarm category. This has been the 15th year that Shenzhen iHorn receives this award in a row, indicating the industry's extensive recognition of its strength and value.


        As a professional designer and manufacturer of IoT sensors, Shenzhen iHorn, since its inception in 1995, has been concentrating on anti-theft alarms and IoT sensing solutions, with its technological strength and brand influence growing. It provides unique solutions for "safe city", intelligent community, smart home and smart office, with its products widely used. The market share for its anti-theft alarm products tops other peers in the industry. 

        A selection of excellent industrial solutions for "safe city" construction, organized by China Security and Protection Industry Association, was held at the same time. The selection and assessment result was unveiled. According to examination of materials, review by experts, and comprehensive consideration of factors like the solution's novelty and advantage in practice, iHorn got excellent industrial solutions awards for two fields, i.e., "legal sector" and "community and home". 

        Focus creates honors. Closely following the duty and mission that a top brand is expected to do, iHorn contributes to the construction of "safe city". It will continue its brand strategy and constantly improve the comprehensive strength that covers product, technology, production, sale and service, in order to provide better products and services and grant higher value to its brand.

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