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        A team led by Zhou Minhao, deputy Party secretary and director of Putuo District, visited China Security
        Release time: 2018-12-07

        In the afternoon of November 30, Zhou Minhao, the deputy Party secretary and the director of Putuo District visited China Security for research, accompanied by heads of Putuo District government office, Putuo District investment promotion office, technology and finance management committee office and other offices. Wang Zhenghua, chairman of China Security, Li Baiqing, president of China Security and Cao Mengxiao, CFO of China Security received the guests and attended the meeting.

        Li Baiqing reported the operation of China Security to the officials. According to him, since the new management was appointed this year, the company made adjustments to its operation and determined the development policies of focusing on business, optimizing resources and improving efficiency. In this regard, three divisions, i.e., smart medical care, intelligent transport and data security were formed, operation and management has been strengthened and development of subsidiaries deepened. Additionally, guard operations in foreign countries and Macao and Hong Kong maintain a stable growth, with its cash logistics, guard personnel and electronic security services deeply trusted by customers.

        The company proactively adjusts its strategic direction from external expansion to internal improvement such that while maintaining and deepening its principal activities, the company makes every effort to improve its liquidity, according to Wang Zhenghua, who also expressed thanks to officials from Putuo District due to their care for the company. He said, it is hoped that by leveraging its expertise in smart system integration, China Security would get more opportunities to contribute to construction of municipal facilities, including smart city and smart transport projects in Putuo District.

        After listening to their reports, Zhou Minhao first praised the work of the new management and then raised several requirements. First, the company should further communicate with financial institutions to strive for more space for the company. Second, the company must be in firm determination in disposing its non-principal businesses to mitigate liquidity problem. Third, the company must vigorously develop principal businesses and leading businesses, improve its ability to operate core businesses and increase the profitability.


        Putuo District Government attaches high importance to the development of private companies. While continuing delivering good services and creating a better business environment, the Government will do more practical works to help private companies solve difficult and urgent problems, Zhou Minhao said, who also welcomes more private companies to play a role in economic and social development of Putuo District.


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