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        Enterprise News
        iHorn received China Security Excellent Enterprise award
        Release time: 2019-01-10

        On January 07, the nationwide security community's Spring Festival greeting celebration jointly sponsored by Shenzhen Security and Protection Industry Association, Intelligent Transport System Association of Shenzhen, Shenzhen Smart City Industry Association and National Alliance for Mutual Assistance and Cooperation between Security Associations was held. At this celebration, KOLs from security, smart transport and smart city sectors were present and selected typical organizations and individuals who have made great contributions. This celebration demonstrated the four decades during which China's security industry grow from weak to strong and from "made in China" to "created in China".

        Along the road of reform and opening up, iHorn (a member company of China Security Co., Ltd.) has been focusing on development and manufacturing of sensors from 1995 and dedicated to making the world safer and more harmonious with high quality products and services and making its own contribution to progressing this industry by in terms of innovation and security operation and maintenance. It was awarded with the "China Security Excellent Enterprise" for celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. 

        This honor marks the society and industry's recognition and praise for iHorn's efforts in security industry and the guidance to its future development. As the IOT era comes, digital and intelligent technologies bring new opportunities; standing at this new starting point, iHorn breaks traditional boundaries by connecting with Huawei, China Mobile, Lenovo, Haier and Hisense to build premium intelligent and secure products and to build fully connected smart homes that can sense. This is a new development phase for iHorn.

        The past forty years witnessed iHorn's hardships, efforts and fruitful results. The next forty years will see iHorn's continued diligence. As a specialized provider of IOT sensors and anti-theft alarm solutions, iHorn will continue exerting efforts in security sector, further innovating products, strive to improve its technologies and product quality. In this way, it practices the soul of reform and opening up together with numerous peers and forges ahead toward the future regardless of difficulties and challenges. 

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