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        China subsidiary Guardforce Macau Weian to undertake international joint exhibition security services
        Release time: 2023-11-03

        Recently, the Macau International Watch Exhibition was held in Macao, China Galaxy, the subsidiary of Guardforce Macau undertook the security of the event, successfully guaranteed the safety of the personnel of the event.

        In addition to providing experienced security personnel, the team also uses intelligent monitoring and alarm monitoring systems to closely monitor the venue to ensure the safety of participants and exhibitors.

        Macau an, a subsidiary of ZhongAnke, has won a good reputation with comprehensive security solutions and customer first concept. The company has successfully guaranteed the safety and smooth holding of a number of large-scale activities, making Wei'an the preferred security service provider for major exhibitions and activities.

        Founded in 1990, it is the first escort company of Macao, China and one of the two security companies operating in Macao. It provides escort, electronic security and security guard services for the local area, and is committed to ensuring the property and personal safety of merchants and individual customers. The company serves government agencies, major banks, retailers, enterprises and the public, and is known as the leading professional security expert in Macao. Over the years, Weian Protection Company has cooperated with more than 100 enterprises in Macao, which has been recognized by various industries and has been highly evaluated by many parties.

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