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        Weida Medical, a subsidiary of Zhongan Branch, won the bid for the purification and decoration projects of Shengzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital (the Second People's Hospital) and the new operating room
        Release time: 2023-09-12
        Recently, the front of the good news, the subsidiary of Shenzhen Weida Medical System Engineering Co., Ltd. won the bid of the Shengzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital (the second People's Hospital) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the new engineering operating room and other purification decoration projects.

        Shengzhou Maternal and child Health Care Hospital (the second People's Hospital) and the CDC new project is located in the west of Shengzhou Boat Lake East Road, east of Putian Avenue, with a total construction area of 57707 ㎡ and a total investment of 939 million yuan, including new maternity housing, infectious disease housing, CDC and other buildings. After the completion of the overall project construction, it will vigorously improve the public health prevention and treatment capacity of Shengzhou city, improve the medical and health layout and the medical service system adapted to the social and economic development.

        University medical the winning project including hospital outpatient building floor center supply room, the second clinical laboratory, three floor clean surgery, four floor surgery purification air conditioning unit room, hospital building, three floor intravenous fluid delivery center operating room (purification), infection building floor laboratory, infection building five negative pressure separation ward, operating room and ICU, etc.

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