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        Deepen the cooperation between local enterprises, and create a better future together —— Leaders of the Management Committee of Shanghai Lingang New Area visited China Anke Co., Ltd
        Release time: 2023-09-01

        On the morning of August 31, relevant leaders of the Administrative Committee of Lingang New Area of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone went to Anke Co., Ltd. to carry out research and discuss cooperation. Wu Bowen, chairman of Anke Co., Ltd., presided over the symposium.

        At the meeting, Li Kai, executive vice president and secretary of the board of directors of China Anke Co., Ltd., introduced the development process of the company, its main business and operating status to the visiting leaders.Subsequently, Li Xiangcong, deputy director of the High-tech Department of Shanghai Lingang District Management Committee, elaborated on the development process, industrial system, policy support and future planning of the Lingang New Area of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.



        During this period, the leaders of both sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the joint efforts of the government and enterprises to build a platform and help the development of enterprises.Ji Yihua, general manager of Shanghai Qingtian Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ZhongAnke, said that Shanghai Qingtian Port Letter Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Shanghai Qingtian Technology Co., Ltd.) can successfully and efficiently land in Shanghai Lingang New Area, thanks to the strong assistance and support of the local management committee.Next, Shanghai Qingtian Gangxin Digital Technology Co., Ltd. will be the "vanguard" of ZhongAnke in the new area of Lingang next month.Yu Yungrui, deputy director of Investment Department of Shanghai City Investment Xinggang Group, further supplemented the investment environment, talent policy and existing achievements of Lingang new area.

        Chairman Wu Bowen welcomed and thanked Director Li Xiangcong of Shanghai Lingang New Area Management Committee and his delegation, and expressed his willingness to carry out deep cooperation with Lingang New Area.He mentioned that in the future development, China Anke Co., Ltd. will closely follow the guidance of national policies and actively promote the digital transformation.Through this discussion, the company has a deep understanding of the development goal of Shanghai Lingang New Area, that is, to build a special economic functional area with more international market influence and competitiveness.ZhongAnke Co., Ltd. will make every effort to integrate enterprise resources, focus on potential energy around the needs of the relevant industrial system in the new area, actively promote the building of a platform for government, school and enterprises, and boost the high-quality.


        At 15:00 PM, ZhongAnke Co., Ltd., as an alumni enterprise, accompanied the leaders of Shanghai Lingang New Area to the School of Information Management of Wuhan University for a new round of discussion.Yang Xiaoguang, Minister of the Domestic Cooperation Department of Wuhan University, Lu Wei, dean of the School of Information Management, as well as leaders and teachers of the School of Pharmacy, School of Power and Machinery, Key Laboratory of Surveying and Remote Sensing and other related majors all attended the symposium.Shanghai Lingang New Area, Wuhan University and China Anke Co., Ltd. discussed and studied exploring the "simultaneous resonance" of government, university and enterprises, promoting the development planning of Shanghai Lingang New Area, building a collaborative innovation platform for government, school-enterprise and education, and school-enterprise collaborative education and other related issues.

        It is reported that the Lingang New Area of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone is located in the south of Shanghai Dazhi River and the east of Jinhui Port, with a total area of 873 square kilometers.
        In 2018, during the first China International Import Expo, the state added the Lingang New Zone of Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone. In 2019, the general secretary Xi lingang new area "five important" important instructions, points out that Shanghai free trade area lingang new area to become important gathering talents at home and abroad to carry out the international innovation synergy base, overall development of onshore business and offshore business important hub, enterprises go out growing important springboard, better use of two market two resources important channel, participate in the important field, international economic governance targeted system innovation, strengthen the system construction, improve the quality of economy.

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