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        Good news | Ann division subsidiary zhongke intelligent won four "gusu cup" quality engineering award
        Release time: 2023-08-24

        In order to implement the policy of "one hundred years' big plan, quality first", Promote construction enterprises to strengthen quality management, Improve the quality level of construction projects, According to the spirit of The Evaluation Method of Suzhou "Gusu Cup" Quality Project Award (No.66,2008), the Minutes of the Special Work Meeting on Adjusting the Evaluation Organization of Suzhou "Gusu Cup" Quality Project Award (No.5,2021), After the independent declaration of enterprises, the preliminary examination and recommendation of the housing and construction departments of each county-level city (district), the experts organized by the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau to conduct data review and on-site inspection, and the final approval of the evaluation committee, "Gusu Cup" quality engineering award result evaluation announcement without objection.

        Four projects participated by Jiangsu Zhongke Intelligence, a subsidiary of Zhonganke, passed the evaluation and won the 2023 Suzhou "Gusu Cup" Quality Engineering Award:

        1. Reconstruction project of Suzhou Chengbei Road (Changhu Bridge-Loujiang Expressway Section) - -Tunnel Comprehensive Monitoring System Section JK 02 section (Municipal engineering) 2. Culture and Education Investment Project of Xi-Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Taicang Campus (housing construction project)
        3. Housing Project of new Taicang Campus (housing construction project)
        4. Plot DK20200029 (5 # student dormitory, 6 # student dormitory, 7-A # student dormitory, 7-b # student dormitory) (housing construction project)


        1. Reconstruction project of Suzhou Chengbei Road (Changhu Bridge-Loujiang Expressway section) - -Tunnel integrated monitoring system bid section JK 02


        This project is located in the north of the central city of Suzhou, the bid price is 40280135.12 yuan.For the east and west down through the tunnel, from Jiangyue Road, finally Jiangzhou Road, at the same time under the subway line 2 and subway line 4, double hole 6 lanes, the design standard speed of 60 km / h.

        The tunnel integrated monitoring system mainly includes equipment monitoring system, traffic monitoring system, video monitoring system, wired broadcasting system, wired telephone system, wireless communication system, fire alarm system, maintenance information system, weak current power supply system and central control system.


        2. Housing project of new Taicang Campus (housing construction project)

        This project is located at No.115, Taicang Avenue, udu Street, Taicang City, with a winning price of RMB 29300026.86.The total construction area is 154554.5 ㎡, of which the above-ground construction area is 124690.5㎡ and the underground construction area is 29864 ㎡.

        It mainly includes multiple systems: information facility system, intelligent application system (intelligent card management system), construction equipment management system, intelligent building integrated management system (IBMS), machine room engineering, weak current integrated pipeline system, line laying, grounding system, lightning protection, over voltage protection and other systems.


        3. Cultural and educational investment in the teaching area project of newly-built Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Taicang Campus (housing construction project)


        This project is located at No.115, Taicang Avenue, Lu Street, Taicang City, with the winning price of 100584286.21 yuan, which is the largest project undertaken by Zhongke Intelligent at present.

        Mainly contains system: video monitoring system, electronic patrol system, intrusion alarm system, entrance and exit control system, campus smart card management system, intelligent visitor management system, emergency system, scholars space hotel management system, intelligent street lamp system, IP programming telephone system, building automation control (including environmental monitoring), basketball hall electronic scoring system, information release system, campus logistics management platform, 28 systems.


        4. DK20200029 Plot (5 # student dormitory, 6 # student dormitory, 7-a # student dormitory, 7-b # student dormitory)

        This project is a key supporting project of Suzhou Science and Education Innovation Zone. It is located in the south of Dushu Lake Avenue, Qingning Road and west of Linquan Street in the science and education innovation zone. The winning price is 28022268.87 yuan, including 8 student apartments, 1 student canteen, 400 m runway standard football field and commercial supporting rooms, which can meet the needs of about 12,000 students.

        The intelligent projects contracted by Zhongke Intelligent mainly include video surveillance system, perimeter alarm system, access control system, ladder control system, electronic inspection system, energy metering system, office network system, pon campus network integrated wiring system, integrated pipeline system, five party call and other systems.

        This project is a practical project to effectively solve the problem of student accommodation, with high design standards and many functional facilities. Through the unremitting efforts of all colleagues in the project department, it contributes to the construction of Suzhou Science and Education Innovation Zone.


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