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        ZhongAnke Co., Ltd. actively participates in the community activities of "Implementing the 20th Spirit and Strengthening cultural confidence"
        Release time: 2023-08-21

        In order to thoroughly implement the 20th spirit, to promote the safe, civilized and healthy development of community enterprises.

        At 15:00 on August 18th, the Party Working Committee of Zhongnan Road Street organized a weekly activity with the theme of "Implementing the 20 spirit and strengthening cultural confidence" in the Central Small Guishan Financial Culture Park of Xinghai Community.

        Yan Xiaoyu, the manager of the planning department of China Anke Co., Ltd., led all the members of the planning department to participate in this learning activity.


        First of all, the party members and the masses participating in the activity collectively watched the theme propaganda video of the ancient city of Wuchang in 1800 years, and learned about the magnificent history and cultural context of the ancient city of thousand years.Subsequently, under the leadership of the host, all the party members present to review the oath of party membership.

        Secondly, Fang Qin, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Hubei Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, gave the party lesson "Implement the 20 Spirit and do a good job in the inheritance and development of Jingchu Culture".Community 90-year-old party members, volunteer army Zhou Xueyi came to the scene, personally to talk about his experience in the war to resist the United States and aid Korea, to encourage everyone to love the motherland, Thanksgiving life.



        Next, the children of the community summer interest class brought poetry recitation to everyone, and the enterprise staff representatives of the financial park shared their experiences of learning the top 20.Finally, the whole week lecture activity was successfully concluded by singing "I and my Motherland".


        The staff representatives of China Anke Stock said that through this community activity, they deepened the understanding and understanding of the 20 spirit of the Party, fully felt the warmth of the community, and improved the internal ideological consciousness imperceptibly. In the future, we will combine our own work reality, and strive to practice the  general Xi secretary proposed "happiness is a struggle"!

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