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        Emotional Frontline "Sending Cool" | Zhongke Intelligence, a subsidiary of Zhongke, carries out high-temperature condolence activities
        Release time: 2023-08-14
        Since the beginning of summer, the temperature in Suzhou has continued to rise, and the frontline builders have endured the scorching heat and stood firm in their positions in the scorching sun and high temperature environment, demonstrating a spirit of diligence and dedication. To care for the health of employees and demonstrate the company's humanistic care spirit, on August 11th, Zhongke Intelligent, a subsidiary of Zhongan Technology, launched a high-temperature condolence activity with the theme of "caring for employees and providing cool summer supplies", conveying the company's care and care for frontline employees through practical actions.
        This high-temperature condolence activity was led by three teams led by the management to distribute heatstroke relief items to frontline employees. The three teams are respectively connected to the three projects under construction by Zhongke Intelligence: the first team is led by Technical Director Gu Song to the renovation project of Building 1 in Gangcheng, Taicang City and the security system project of Taicang Muge Factory; The second team, led by Deputy General Manager Yan Liang, went to the intelligent project of Plot 118 in the industrial park, the rental housing community (Wenhua Apartment) project on Xisong North Road in Fangzhong Street
        Suzhou PICC Business Housing Reconstruction and Expansion Intelligent Project; The third team is led by Deputy General Manager Ding Shanyou to the Intelligent Project of the High School Department of Suzhou University Experimental School and the Huangqiao Sports Center Project.
        In addition to distributing heatstroke relief items, the comfort team also brought care and warmth to frontline employees, expressing sincere gratitude to the employees who are not afraid of high temperatures and stick to the front line, and urging them to pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling, rest, work and rest, and complete their work with quality, quantity, and safety.
        Zhongke Intelligence has always regarded caring for employees as an important component of cultural construction, and "delivering coolness" in midsummer has become a routine work of Zhongke Intelligence that has been ongoing for many years. The high-temperature condolence activity allows every employee to truly feel the care and warmth that the company provides to them, effectively enhancing the sense of gain and centripetal force of all employees.

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