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        Hao'en, a subsidiary of Zhong'anke, solemnly held the 2023 "Science Class Student" Apprenticeship Ceremony
        Release time: 2023-08-03
        On the first day of August, the 2023 "Science Class Students" apprenticeship ceremony of Haoen, a subsidiary of China Security Technology, was held with great ceremony. Wenhong, General Manager of Haoen, Chen Bing, Deputy General Manager of R&D Center, Zhou Shuan, Deputy General Manager of Manufacturing Center, and Wu Dejun, Special Assistant to General Manager, led the event, with business mentors and representatives of science class students participating.
        This group of "science class students" are outstanding graduates introduced by China Security Science and Technology Corporation to domestic and foreign universities. At the time of graduation, they are full of ambition and ambition. At this time, this group of new forces joined Haoen, which is China Security Science and Technology Corporation's talent support and resource encouragement for Haoen.

        01. Self introduction of management trainees
        At the meeting, all the "undergraduate students" took the stage to introduce themselves, sharing their personal basic information, learning experience, introduction to Hauen's position, and future career plans. Their career mentors and business mentors welcomed and looked forward to the undergraduate students, and each introduced their job responsibilities and teaching priorities at Hauen.

        02. Apprenticeship Ceremony
        In the solemn and grand teacher worship ceremony, three pairs of teacher and apprentice representatives jointly completed the steps of "presenting a teacher worship card, performing a teacher worship ceremony, sending a message from the mentor, and the apprentice expressing their position". The mentors stated that they will teach by example, lead by example, maintain good communication and active communication with their disciples, and impart knowledge without reservation. New employees express their determination to strive to learn skills, experience, and style, constantly hone their skills and temper their mindset, and become young talents with excellent business skills and a strong style of work as soon as possible.
        03. Message from the General Manager
        Finally, Mr. Wen made a concluding statement, stating that "mentoring and mentoring" is an important way for companies to cultivate talent, and it is also an important step for new employees to quickly integrate into their positions and start their career. Haoen is in a new stage of development and transformation, and the entry of "science class students" will contribute to the innovation and optimization of the company's scientific research, production, management and other aspects of work. It will also grow into the backbone of the company through a sound training mechanism.

        As a professional provider of security products and system solutions, Haoen has been deeply involved in the security field for nearly 30 years. In the future, Haoen will continue to play a role in talent introduction and training, help solve social employment problems, build a broader and innovative development platform, and prepare talent reserves for Haoen's strong development.

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