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        Leaders from Kuancheng District in Changchun visited Zhongke Intelligence, a subsidiary of Zhongke, for inspection and guidance work
        Release time: 2023-06-14
        On the morning of June 13, 2023, Zhao Wenbo, Secretary of the Kuancheng District Committee of Changchun, Gao Jing, Deputy District Mayor, Zhang Chunhui, Office Director, Zhang Liguang, Director of the Bureau of Commerce, Ma Xinyu, Director of the Investment Promotion Service Center of the Bureau of Commerce, and Liu Bojie, General Manager of Jilin Fande Technology Co., Ltd., led a delegation of six people to conduct an inspection and guidance work at Zhongke Intelligence, a subsidiary of Zhong'an Technology.

        The leaders watched a promotional video of China Security Technology Co., Ltd. in the exhibition hall and listened to the introduction and practical operation demonstration of China Security Intelligence's "Community Emergency and Smart Elderly IoT Platform Management System". Subsequently, the leaders of Kuancheng District in Changchun and the leaders of Zhongke Intelligence conducted cooperation, exchange, and discussion, and the atmosphere on site was harmonious.

        During this period, Mr. Zha Lei, the director and executive vice president of Zhong'anke Co., Ltd., welcomed the guests on behalf of the company and expressed opinions on the future cooperation priorities and directions of both parties. Zhao Wenbo, the Secretary of Kuancheng District in Changchun, expressed his willingness to fully cooperate with China Security Technology Co., Ltd. after providing a detailed introduction to the history and current situation of Kuancheng District. Subsequently, Secretary Zhao stated that he would invite relevant personnel from China Security Science and Technology Corporation to Kuancheng District to continue in-depth discussions on relevant cooperation matters.
        The visit of leaders from Kuancheng District, Changchun to Zhongke Intelligence, a subsidiary of Zhongke, will play an important role in the development of the IoT platform system business in the Jilin region. Zhong'anke Co., Ltd. will take a substantial step forward in its platform business in the "Three Provinces of the East", which is of great significance for the expansion of Zhong'anke Co., Ltd.'s platform business

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