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        The "Photography and Writing Rapid Training Course" of Suzhou Security Association was successfully held at Zhongke Intelligence, a subsidiary of Zhongke
        Release time: 2023-05-30
        On the afternoon of May 25th, the fourth class of the Photography and Writing Training Class of Suzhou Security Association was held at Jiangsu Zhongke Intelligent System Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhongke, a vice chairman unit.
        At the beginning of the event, Mr. Tang Jinjun, the deputy general manager of the company, welcomed the arrival of the association on behalf of Mr. Zha Lei, the general manager. Mr. Tang highly praised the association's practice of organizing training classes and felt very honored that the company could co organize this event.

        Manager Liu Xiangying from the design department will first introduce the company's main business and representative projects, allowing everyone to have a further understanding of the company. Subsequently, Professor Wang Jialun from the School of Literature at Suzhou University gave a lecture. This was the fourth class of the training class. From a professional perspective, Professor Wang explained the composition and structural characteristics of news articles, common writing precautions, and Chinese language issues in news writing. At the same time, he commented on the students' assignments for the third class one by one. After communication and discussion, everyone benefited greatly.

        After the training, Wang Kunquan, the secretary general of the association, and the training class members visited the company's exhibition hall together. They had a brief understanding of the company's smart city IoT cloud platform and tunnel smart operation platform. Everyone praised the impressive performance of Zhongke Intelligent and took a photo together in front of the exhibition hall to capture this beautiful scene.


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