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        Haoen, a subsidiary of Zhonganke, was listed on the 2022 "IoT Star" China IoT Application Benchmark Case List
        Release time: 2023-05-19

        On May 17th, the 2023 China Internet of Things Industry Leaders Summit • Shanghai Station - and the 2022 "Internet of Things Star" China Internet of Things Industry Annual List Award Ceremony were grandly held at Hall 3 of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. As the "Oscar" of the Internet of Things industry, the IoT Star Annual Selection has become a benchmark for measuring IoT enterprises and one of the most concerned and anticipated events in the entire industry.


        After months of intense competition, the China Grand Canal Museum Smart Alarm Application Project of China Security Technology subsidiary Haoen stood out from over hundreds of participating enterprises and was listed on the "China Internet of Things Application Benchmark Case List" of the 2022 "Internet of Things Star" annual list, becoming a typical representative case in Haoen Museum's security alarm solution.

        Museums have always been important places for storing and showcasing cultural heritage, with significant cultural value in their collections. As a result, incidents of theft and damage have occurred frequently. The security alarm solution of the Hauen Museum addresses the pain points of traditional museum security, such as slow response, weak linkage, and system isolation. It can achieve intelligent detection, timely warning, and real-time response to museums, providing strong intrusion detection capabilities for museums.


        The security level of Yangzhou China Grand Canal Museum is high and requires strict requirements. Haoen selects multiple professional level anti-theft alarm hosts LHB9000 to manage the front-end detectors uniformly. Once the front-end detectors are triggered, the host will immediately sound a warning and notify security personnel to carry out relevant operations in a timely manner to minimize losses.


        At the same time, the Grand Canal Museum has numerous exhibition halls and a complex spatial layout. Therefore, Hauen has installed thousands of security alarm detectors, specially designed three strong defense lines, and constructed a deep security system for the museum from the outside to the inside. Multiple indoor curtains, wide-angle passive infrared detectors, intelligent dual detection infrared detectors, and glass breakage detection products are installed to comprehensively safeguard the safety of every corner of the museum, Build a second protective wall for precious cultural relics.
        The ubiquitous intelligent security has infiltrated into every corner of life scenes, guarding our safety. Haoen will never forget his original intention, forge ahead, continue to be rooted in security alarm technology, and safeguard every beauty with professionalism.

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