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        Leaders from China Mobile Suzhou visited and guided Zhongke Intelligent, a subsidiary of Zhongke
        Release time: 2023-05-15
        On the afternoon of May 9th, General Manager Tang Xiao from the Government Enterprise Customer Department of China Mobile Suzhou Branch visited Jiangsu Zhongke Intelligent System Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Security Technology Co., Ltd. for guidance. General Manager Zha Lei and the company's management team warmly received General Manager Tang and his delegation.

        During the exchange, Mr. Cha gave a detailed introduction to the Zhongke Intelligent Smart City IoT Cloud Platform and Tunnel Intelligent Operation Platform to Mr. Tang Xiaojun and his delegation, and demonstrated some of the functions of the intelligent management platform on site. And stated that China Security Technology Co., Ltd., China Science and Technology Intelligence, looks forward to further deepening cooperation with China Mobile Suzhou Company, learning from each other's strengths and weaknesses, achieving mutual benefit and win-win results, and making greater contributions to the development of smart cities.

        It is reported that the smart city IoT cloud platform integrates elderly care systems and emergency systems, and combines IoT technology to unify and supervise emergency/elderly care safety equipment (smoke, temperature, water, electricity, gas, vision, and other sensors) scattered in various parts of the city in real-time. The collected equipment data is intelligently analyzed, providing comprehensive and accurate monitoring, security inspection, maintenance, and comprehensive management of urban equipment in real-time Timely information feedback.
        At the same time, through the account role permission division management module, the platform can not only manage uniformly, but also support hierarchical management of elderly care and emergency systems based on login role permissions, improving the management efficiency of regulatory work and ensuring the effectiveness of each unit's work. The monitoring center supports multi platform alarm methods such as PC terminal, telephone, SMS, applet, official account, etc., to reduce security risks, reduce life risks, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property.
        The tunnel intelligent operation platform adopts the concept of digital twins and is based on new digital technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence. It integrates tunnel resources within the region to achieve intensive tunnel management. The platform fully combines the actual situation of the tunnel to construct a three-dimensional tunnel in the digital world, achieving a 1:1 realistic restoration of the tunnel, and visually displaying the equipment information and spatial distribution inside the tunnel in the three-dimensional scene. The platform achieves a full process of tunnel safety supervision from perception, monitoring, decision-making, and control through high-precision scene restoration, integration of macro and micro business, and one-stop service of subsystems.

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