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        Zhong'anke Co., Ltd. Successfully Holds the 2023 Sales Seminar and Exchange Meeting
        Release time: 2023-04-19
        From April 16th to 17th, China Security Technology Co., Ltd. held its first sales seminar and exchange meeting of the year at the Xiaogui Mountain Financial and Cultural Park in Central China. The heads of each subsidiary, all employees of the middl and back office departments, and new employees of the marketing center attended the meeting.
        Before the meeting, Mr. Wu Bowen, the chairman, delivered a speech. In the speech, the chairman welcomed all the new and old employees present; Express gratitude to each subsidiary for their long-term efforts and achievements; Analyzed and laid out the opportunities and challenges that the company is about to face in its development; Hope has been raised for new employees in the marketing center.
        The exchange meeting invited business leaders from various subsidiaries to provide training for new employees in a way of bringing the old with the new. Personnel from Jiangsu Zhongke Intelligent System Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huahe Wanrun Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Weida Medical System Engineering Co., Ltd., Xi'an Xulong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Qingtian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Haoen Security Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kesong Technology Co., Ltd., and Changzhou Mingjing IoT Sensing Co., Ltd. all provided business introductions.
        After the presentation section, there is a discussion section. The subsidiary companies present and the new employees present are offering suggestions and suggestions for the company's business development, and the discussion atmosphere is harmonious. At the same time, Mr. Chen Tao, Assistant to the President and Manager of the Centralized Procurement Center and Marketing Center, also pointed out in his speech that in the new development stage of the company, marketing personnel must first enhance the company's influence in the market and continuously improve the company's sales performance.
        Mr. Zha Lei, Vice President, made a summary of this exchange meeting. He emphasized that the company will comply with the national situation, comprehensively enhance its core business capabilities, actively explore market demand, continuously make up for business shortcomings, and continue to strengthen market sales, truly achieving the goal of setting sail at the right time and forging ahead to create a new chapter!

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