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        Enterprise News
        2023, school recruitment is underway!
        Release time: 2023-03-29
        To govern a country and run a country, talents are the most urgent.
        The development of enterprises relies on talents, and excellent talents will be an important asset of the enterprise. In order to attract more high-quality professional talents, Zhong'anke Co., Ltd. held a campus recruitment briefing at Huaxia Institute of Technology on March 21, 2023 at 15:00.

        Weng Jia, the human resources department of the company, presided over this presentation and introduced the company's development history and main business.
        Subsequently, Human Resources Manager Liao Danni provided a detailed introduction to the company's job requirements, management trainee training policies, and related information.

        Interactive sessions were interspersed during the lecture, and company gifts with company logos were distributed to the students present, deepening their understanding of the company. After the meeting, the Human Resources Department organized relevant written exams.

        It is reported that this year's spring recruitment is the first campus recruitment activity carried out by the company since 2018. From March 16th to March 31st, there were a total of 5 lecture sessions and 4 double selection sessions. The aim is to explore and cultivate talents through joint training with universities and campus recruitment, continuously explore effective talent introduction mechanisms, and further promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

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