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        Block hackers by the all-around cybersecurity solution from Hong Kong Guardforce
        Release time: 2018-05-31

        Protecting a business customer's cybersecurity is a tough battle. Traditional firewalls can only prevent small tricks and are vulnerable to hackers, who are able to invade systems for blackmailing or getting the system paralyzed very easily. One must act proactively in order to block them out of your networks. As a leading guard service supplier in Hong Kong, Guardforce has taken the lead in launching the first security solution named GRID that guarantees network security and processes network crisis in helping business customers fight against hackers. 


        On May 9, Hong Kong Economic Times reported the all-around cybersecurity solution of Hong Kong Guardforce.

        Proactive, intelligent, and comprehensive

        The core tool of GRID is the unified threat management, which provides the first defense line for further preventing the cyber invasion or attack.

        When discerning any new threat, the system automatically sends and installes the latest security updates and patches. Once booted, the system will be remotely monitored and managed by professional engineers around the clock, a way to ensure all devices connected to the Internet can be protected against cyber-attacks. 

        GRID can cover all business devices with independent IP addresses and that are connected to the Internet, including closed-circuit TV system, door access system and supervision system. Coupled with Guardforce's electronic guard system, this solution can set a full defense line in both physical and virtual worlds. 

        As a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, GRID is features in many areas. It can guarantee all Internet connected tools; provide real time updates; reduce and record suspected network acts; offer 24-hour supervision and management services; requires a monthly payment without any installation fee. 

        The unique comprehensive cybersecurity solution from three parties 

        GRID is a unique solution jointly developed by Guardforce, Network Box, a supplier of secure custody provider, and Berkley Insurance Asia. The three parties complimented one another in creating this first "three-in-one" cybersecurity solution, which is highlighted in terms of its UTM, supervision, management and cyber crisis expense insurance.


        24-hour remote supervision and management 

        Network Box has won a lot international awards. The unified threat management it developed helped it won the Silicon Valley Gold Prize. Combined with the patented PUSH, a technology for system updating, UTM can pop updates in a real time manner. To enjoy the 24-hour remote supervision and management service from Network Box, which is highly experienced in cybersecurity, you only need to purchase the GRID solution. 

        Michael Gazeley, the founder, general manager and a director of Network Box, expressed his pleasure to cooperate with Guardforce and said that GRID is a fruit of physical guard and cybersecurity technologies in this great era. He believed that the excellent cybersecurity technologies developed by Network Box over the past years can provide a powerful force behind the GRID to protect individuals and businesses in every aspect. 


        The first-in-market cyber crisis expense insurance 

        The Cyber Crisis Expense Insurance jointly developed by Guardforce and Berkley Insurance Asia is the only comprehensive insurance available in market. When any data breach or network crisis occurs and raises the need to take actions to protect a company's reputation, GRID is here to provide the Expense Insurance for the company. 

        Aaron Yip, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Branch, Berkley Insurance Asia said, “As cyber crisis are not to be ignored, we are glad to jointly release this solution with Guardforce. This solution not only protects users from cyber threats but also provides a more complete defense.”


        Seamless connection to Guardforce electronic guard system 

        Guardforce has been engaging in guard industry for over 40 years by adopting new technologies to improve its ability and to lead the market. This GRID solution is ready to work together with its electronic guard system for fully increasing physical and cyber safety.

        Terence Yap, the Chief Executive Office of Guardforce said, "Technologies and the IoT are increasingly used, which means the cyber risks are growing as well. Businesses must take cyber security into their guard strategies to defense against attacks. GRID is the most comprehensive and secure cybersecurity solution in the market.”


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