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        Shanghai Keenshine won three intelligent building awards
        Release time: 2018-06-29

        On June 25th, 2018, the excellence review result of Shanghai Intelligent Building Construction Association (SIBCA) was released. After initial review on the site, expert review and social review, Shanghai Keenshine, a member of China Security, harvested three SIBCA awards for excellent enterprise, for excellent engineering (also known as Shenhui Comprehensive Award) and for excellent project manager.


        SIBCA has made assessment standards that evaluate basic elements of intelligent business, the business size, quality and its innovation capacity, subject to which, 9 excellent enterprises, 6 excellent project managers and 7 excellent engineering projects were selected. Shanghai Keenshine's receiving the SIBCA Excellent Enterprise award indicates that SIBCA recognizes the company's comprehensive strength.  

        Mr. Chen Yirong, the general manager of Shanghai Keenshine, won SIBCA Excellent Project Manager award. Under his leadership and cemented by powerful technology development and vigorous project management, the company has accumulated a lot of industrial experience. Over the past 13 years since it entered intelligent building, public security and smart civil life fields, Shanghai Keenshine has made a tremendous investment into technology development and project management, which has made it one of significant companies in relevant fields and one of companies which are able to provide system solutions that integrate consulting, design, development and operation.

        The project that promoted Shanghai Keenshine to get the Shenhui Award is the low voltage systems for Chengdu Dayuecheng Development, a project that adds a new medal to the company's wall of honors. In compliance with the innovative design requirements for modern intelligent buildings, this project contains a comprehensive cabling system, a video monitoring system, an invasion alarm system, a door access control system, a wireless offline patrol system, a parking lot management system, an IBMS integration system, an emergency broadcast/background music system, a business information release system, a UPS system, a wireless two-way communication system and an automatic building control system.

        In addition to intelligent buildings, in recent years, Shanghai Keenshine has also made great efforts in other fields by investing more into research and development, having developed and innovated many technologies and products and provided systems for comprehensive security operation and management, intelligent background management, secure delivery background management in financial sector.


        In alignment with the strategic planning of China Security, Shanghai Keenshine will hold steady its pursuit of innovation and its rational development mode to deepen and extend its business in intelligent building, public security and smart civil life segments, a practice that is intended to create more values for customers while securing the company's long term development goals.

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