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        Huawei partners with iHorn in releasing a Smart Home Kit and creating new experience of a quality and intelligent life.
        Release time: 2018-12-27

        On December 26, Huawei's "AI Life?Quality and Intelligence" media conference was held in Shenzhen where Huawei is headquartered. At this conference, the smart home kit, jointly created by Huawei and iHorn (a member company of China Security Co., Ltd.), one of Huawei's ecosystem partner, was unveiled; and Huawei's new products within the Zhixuan ecosystem were also presented for appreciation. Mr. Zhu Gangyong, CMO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, and Mr. Shaoyang, the Chief Strategy Officer of Huawei Consumer Business Group were present and announced Huawei's AIoT ecosystem strategy, the release of new products within Huawei's Zhixuan series and the opening of Noah Lab.

        Zhu Yonggang, CMO of Huawei Consumer Business Group

        Shan Gang, General Manager of Smart Home, Huawei Consumer Business Group


        This was the first time when iHorn Smart Home Kit was presented to the public for on-site experience following Huawei's release of its new products including Mate 20. Four products, i.e., multi-purpose gateway, human sensor, window & door sensor and humidity & temperature senor were demonstrated to the media in Demo area. Mr. Wu Zhiming, the general manager of iHorn which is a representative of Huawei's Zhixuan ecosystem partners, was invited to the conference and introduced the iHorn Smart Home Kit there.

        Wu Zhiming, general manager of iHorn


        Smart Home Kit gives you a home that can sense

        iHorn Smart Home Kit, one of Huawei zhixuan product, is focused with the idea of "security and intelligence". With "sensor" as a carrier, this kit not only guarantees your home's security but also links to massive intelligent devices such as full-color bulbs, air purifiers, fragrance lamps and panoramic cameras, enabling diverse intelligent life scenarios. By providing a "scenario mode", this kit helps Huawei further upgrade its smart home experience. 

        If one leaves home, the "secure mode" of Smart Home Kit is started to have human sensor and window & door sensor in "alarm status". Any exception will trigger the appropriate sensor to send an alarm and the panoramic camera to capture the scene by turning its direction simultaneously. After the owner gets back home, the Kit's "smart mode" will be started, which makes the multi-purpose gateway broadcast the door bell, full-color bulbs in the corridor get ignited, air purifier, air-conditioner and other appliances in the living room get started. Intelligence benefits you when you are at home.

        "This is a high performance and high quality smart home kit, through which, we have tried our best to meet the desire and need for a convenient life of users. This product's utilization will be increased since it can sense practical scenarios, which makes sensors a new part of your home and creates a more convenient and intelligent life." Mr. Wu Zhiming, general manager of iHorn told the media at the conference.


        Full immersion into life makes the product more intelligent

        As an extension of Huawei Zhixuan ecosystem products and categories, the newly released iHorn Smart Home Kit will lead in upgrading home intelligence by forming a more improved closed ecosystem with massive other products. Multi-purpose gateways, human sensors, window & door sensors, humidity &temperature sensors function within Huawei HiLink ecosystem; this can link originally independent intelligent devices together depending on practical scenarios. This generates a product matrix within which many products are connected to deliver an intelligent and automatic life.

        Joint efforts create new experience for "quality and intelligence".

        Products within "Huawei Zhixuan", Huawei's smart home brand, are from top manufacturers in lighting, security and home appliance fields. As a specialized designer and manufacturer of IoT sensor and a partner of Huawei Zhixuan ecosystem, iHorn has its products applied to Water Cube, Shanghai World Expo halls and National Museum of China. In addition, the company has been included into "Top 10 Chinese Security Brands" for 15 years in a row. 

        Supported by strong R&D and manufacturing abilities and deep experience accumulated over the past years, iHorn, partnering with Huawei, released a Smart Home Kit, which gets high-quality sensors fully combined into Huawei Smart Home ecosystem, constructs a more diverse scenario-based intelligence, upgrades user experience of eco-friendly products. This joint release marks the their joint efforts into advancing smart home systems.

        As the core to achieve intelligent life scenarios, sensors grant homes the ability to sense. iHorn Smart Home Kit not only adds a significant part to Huawei Zhixuan ecosystem, but also provides more diverse ways for people to use smart home devices by making a number of Huawei smart devices "smarter"!

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