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        China Security & Fire puts on another spectacular show at Intersec Dubai 2015
        Release time: 2015-01-19

          At Intersec Dubai, which opened at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center in the UAE, China Security & Fire (CSF) put on another splendid show, following their successful participation in 2014. CSF participated in Intersec Dubai 2015 in collaboration with its subsidiary Horn and strategic partner Minking.


          Focusing on its totally new security concept of “Safety is in your hand”, Horn exhibited three wireless cloud platform solutions at the exhibition, including LHD8003, a newly-designed alarm system D1, and WiFi wireless alarm and smart home solutions, with smartphone remote control being the highlight. Minking also put in all its efforts to enter the global market, by exhibiting many types of high definition and high speed cameras, and numerous leading domestic solutions, to further expand into international channels.


          The exhibition lasted 3 days. China Security & Fire’s booth where various products were displayed attracted lots of customers who showed a great deal of interest. Many customers made extensive discussions with our staff, indicating many cooperation opportunities.

          Intersec Dubai was the first stop for China Security & Fire in its 2015 exhibition tour, themed “Smart Products Made in China, and Enjoyed Worldwide”. Through this fruitful beginning, China Security & Fire envisions to be connected to an international market, strengthen communication and discussions between domestic and foreign security experts, and build China Security & Fire into a global security service operator.

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