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        Our Success Story: China Security & Fire back-door listed in A-shares market through Shanghai Feilo
        Release time: 2015-01-14

          At the end of 2014, there was some really good news as China Security & Fire Technology Co., Ltd. was listed. On New Year’s Eve, Shanghai Feilo published an announcement stating China Securities Regulatory Commission (CRSC) had approved Shanghai Feilo’s acquisition of 100% stake in China Security & Fire. Since then, China Security & Fire has successfully been listed in A-shares market through Shanghai Feilo.

          Shanghai Feilo Co., Ltd., is one of the 5 listed companies under Shanghai Instrument and Electronic Associates (INESA), and specializes in auto parts and related services. As a large company in the entire security industrial chain with over 2000 employees and annual output over RMB1 billion, China Security & Fire along with its 6 subsidiaries, including Horn Security, Xi’an Xulong, Tianjin Tongfang, Beijing Daming, Beijing Aurine and Hangzhou Skyvision, have been listed through corporate restructuring with Shanghai Feilo. This is a stepping stone for Shanghai Feilo to join the security industry, and also provides a boost and good development opportunity for China Security & Fire, and indicates the emergence of a carrier-class enterprise in security industry.

          The security industry is significantly related to national strategy and people’s livelihood, and China has issued various regulations and compulsory policies, which have greatly promoted rapid development of security industry. It is expected that by 2015, total output value of security industry will reach RMB500 billion. After being listed in A-shares market, China Security & Fire continues to adhere to its core values of Responsibility, Honesty, Progress, Tolerance and Win-win, and contributes to society’s security using science and technology.

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