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        Haoen, a subsidiary of China Anke, appeared at IOTE 2023 Shenzhen International Internet of Things Exhibition
        Release time: 2023-09-21
        On September 19th, the 20th IOTE 2023 International Internet of Things Exhibition · Shenzhen Station (IOTE Shenzhen Internet of Things Exhibition) was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Baoan). Haoen, a subsidiary of China Anke, was invited to attend the event and bring intelligent sensor series products to booth 9A8-3, showing Haoen's new products and technologies in the field of intelligent sensors.
        As one of the authoritative, professional and highly influential expositions in the Internet of Things industry, the IOTE Shenzhen Internet of Things Exhibition covers the ecological players of the perception layer, transmission layer, platform layer and application layer of the Internet of Things, gathering more than 600 exhibitors and 130,000 + professional users from around the world.

        Haoen has been deeply engaged in the field of sensors for more than 20 years, with more than 200 patented technologies, up to 30 kinds of sensor categories, covering infrared sensors, water sensors, door and window sensors, fall monitoring sensors, vibration sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, etc., rich variety, complete functions, cost-effective.
        In this exhibition, Haoen showed the combustible gas detector, smoke detector, indoor / outdoor infrared detector, multi-functional environmental sensor and other intelligent sensor series products, become the focus of the spot, but also won the recognition and appreciation of professional users.

        At present, Haoen intelligent sensor products have been widely used in smart communities, schools, prisons, government buildings, hospitals, landmark buildings, home care, catering industry and other places, to bring you more convenient and safer life experience.

        As a professional security products and system solutions provider, haoen has 29 years of high quality factory, have the ability of global service, stable operation management system, in the future, house will continue to focus on the development of sensor technology, committed to use high quality products and services, let people's life more safe, comfortable and harmonious.

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