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        Haoen, a subsidiary of Zhonganke, appeared in the 2023 Shenzhen Smart Pension Exhibition, with the strength of the three exhibition areas out of the circle
        Release time: 2023-09-18
        On September 15th, with the theme of "Smart Technology Gathering", the first Shenzhen Smart Pension Exhibition 2023 was grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. In this exhibition, the subsidiary of Zhongan Branch showed the solutions, achievements and practices in the field of "smart pension", which attracted much attention.

        In Hall 4, Booth 4D60, Haoen's orange booth was unique, displaying three major exhibition areas, namely, Intelligent Elderly Comprehensive Management Platform, Community + Home Elderly Solution, and Institutional Elderly Solution, which attracted many enterprises and experts in the industry to visit.

        01 Haoen smart pension management platform

        At the exhibition site, Howent set up a demonstration exhibition area of "Smart Pension Management Platform", which demonstrated the functions and highlights of the platform in detail through the high-definition large screen, so that every customer left a deep impression on the platform.
        The platform can be unified management security protection, positioning wear, health monitoring, meal system and other kinds of intelligent devices, through the data collection, management, analysis and service, for community endowment, home endowment, institutional endowment, civil supervision, evaluation agencies and other business to provide a full range of management and service support, implements the integration of pension business agency, endowment service humanistic, decision-making based on big data, intelligent process regulation.

        02 Haoen Community + Home care solutions exhibition area

        House community + home care solutions include home aging renovation system and community service care system.
        Site, that occupy the home aging system exhibition shows the infrared detector, pull rope emergency button, smoke alarm, gas alarm, intelligent sleep monitoring belt, fall monitoring sensor and other products, provide fire monitoring, gas leakage alarm, health management, fall detection, abnormal alarm, and other functions, implementation from artificial care to the cloud care of intelligent upgrade.
        The system has the advantages of one-stop pension service application, perfect safety monitoring closed-loop, multi-level security protection mechanism, integrated service management platform and so on, and is suitable for civil affairs supervision places, home pension beds, home beds and other places.
        Community endowment service system combined with the actual situation of the community, link community pension equipment and service place, social health, community service resources, including service registration, called processing, service distribution, service process tracking, service completion records, service return, service fee settlement applications, and through the business data statistics report, auxiliary decision makers constantly optimize the operation strategy.
        The system realizes comprehensive protection of the safety of the elderly, real-time monitoring of health data, and efficient control of assisted meals for the elderly, and is suitable for the establishment of community pension service centers for the elderly.

        03 Haoen Institution pension solutions exhibition area

        Institutional pension solutions for institutional pension scenarios and business, can be recorded in the platform the old man daily business, health data, cost management, behavior tracking and alarm, electronic patrol data, implements the old man, nurses, wisdom terminal unified management, improve institutional care quality, emergency scheduling ability, a reliable decision real-time information for institutions.
        The system has the advantages of operation data visualization, 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring, children's participation in health care protection, automatic data collection of pension institutions, etc. It is suitable for nursing homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation homes, nursing homes, pension apartments and other pension places.
        In the future, Hao En will continue to adhere to the mission of "protecting the safety of the elderly and making life more secure", strengthen technological innovation, empower the elderly care industry, actively help the construction of the pension industry, and contribute his own strength to the development of the elderly in Shenzhen.
        The current exhibition is still continuing (September 15-17), welcome all new and old friends to booth 4D60, Hall 4, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. He is looking forward to your arrival!

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