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        Exhibition time
        The grand opening of the 7th Guangzhou Old Expo in the subsidiary of Haoen smart pension solutions wonderful appearance
        Release time: 2023-09-08
        On August 25,2023, the "7th China (Guangzhou) International Pension and Health Industry Expo" was grandly opened at the Canton Fair Pavilion. On the first day, thousands of kinds of new pension products appeared, the major booth crowded, professional audience in an endless stream, bring a different pension feast for visitors!

        The opening ceremony of the 2023 Guangzhou Old Expo
        In this old Expo, Haoen, a subsidiary of China Anke, appeared at the booth T12, Hall 3.2,360 degrees, and showed his achievements in the field of smart pension to the industry peers, guests and elders.

        The overall situation of the Howe booth
        01.Haoen wisdom pension solutions to protect the safety of the elderly, let life more at ease.

        In recent years, the aging of China's population is accelerating, and the health and safety problems of the elderly have attracted much attention. According to the survey data of the National Health Commission, the current pension model in China is roughly "9073" pattern, that is, about 90% of the elderly choose home care, about 7% of the elderly rely on community support, and 3% of the elderly live in institutional pension.
         Centering on the "9073" pension model, The subsidiary of ZhongAnke has established a multi-level old-age service system integrating home, community and institution, medical and health care, and created a set of "all-round and wide coverage" community + home and institutional pension solutions, to promote the high-quality development of old-age care safety services.

        Haoen community + home care solutions

        Community home care is the mainstream model of elderly care in China. The community + home care solutions include home aging transformation system and community service elderly care system.
         Home age-appropriate transformation system has the advantages of one-stop pension service application, perfect safety monitoring closed-loop, multi-level security protection mechanism, integrated service management platform and so on, and is suitable for civil affairs supervision places, family pension beds, family beds and other places.

        Haoen home suitable for aging transformation system
        The community elderly care service system can realize the comprehensive protection of the elderly safety, the real-time monitoring of health data, the efficient control of elderly meals, and the life services, which is suitable for the establishment of community elderly care service centers.

        Haoen Community pension service system

        Haoen institutional pension solutions

        Institutional pension is an important force in the pension service system. House agency pension solutions, through the integration of various resources and function module, can realize operational data visualization, 24 hours uninterrupted monitoring, children can participate in kang guardian, pension institutions, data collection, realize the digital, intelligent and personalized management, suitable for nursing homes, nursing homes, rehabilitation homes, nursing homes, pension apartment, etc.

        Haoen institutional pension solutions
        02.Haoen wisdom pension comprehensive management platform, the establishment of a comprehensive pension service security system.

        The Guangzhou old Expo, Haoen wisdom pension comprehensive management platform was officially unveiled, attracted the attention of many exhibitors.
        It has established a pension service security system of "comprehensive service + professional evaluation + government supervision", providing a real-time, convenient, efficient and low-cost elderly care service platform.
        Site, Haoen sales team enthusiastically introduced to the audience Haoen wisdom endowment comprehensive management platform, the platform close to the pension model demand characteristics, and national pension service standard, connecting civil elderly health records, regulatory service process and service evaluation, the government, peers, focus on pension industry people from all walks of life thumb up and recognition.

        Guangdong Radio and Television Station interviewed Yuan Yunbo, deputy general manager of Haoen

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