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        Struggling to Sail, Continuously Moving Forward | Weida Medical, a subsidiary of Zhong'anke, solemnly Attends the CHCC2023 Conference
        Release time: 2023-06-26

        From June 17th to 19th, the 24th National Hospital Construction Conference and International Hospital Construction and Equipment.The "and Management Exhibition" (abbreviated as CHCC2023) was grandly held in the Western Chengdu International Expo City.The theme of the conference is "Towards the Future Together, Comprehensively Building a Beautiful Hospital Construction Ecological System", and through the aggregation of The integrated innovation force of the industry, jointly exploring the innovative knowledge system and ecological construction path for the construction of a beautiful hospital.Path, comprehensively building a futuristic and beautiful hospital construction ecosystem.

        As a first-class clean engineering enterprise in China, Shenzhen Weida Medical System Engineering, a subsidiary of Zhong'anke Limited Company was invited to attend this conference grandly, and with over 800 outstanding enterprises in the same industry Show and share with each other on the grand stage of CHCC2023. At the same time, there will be "CHCC2023 Medical.The "Academy Construction Award Ceremony" and over a hundred themed forums in different aspects, with Weida Medical relying on its strong company Our technical strength and rich project experience have once again won the title of "Top 10 Special Projects for Hospital Construction in China".The honor of being in business.
        Against the backdrop of the rapid development of the national medical construction industry, Weida Medical adheres to the principle of "Hospital · Experiment".The core mission of the company as a specialized engineering service provider is to forge ahead and continuously improve oneself.At the same time as its core competitiveness, it is integrating into the medical industry with a new posture of being more open, shared, collaborative, and innovative.In the construction of hospitals and laboratories, we have contributed our own efforts to promoting the new development of Chinese hospital construction.

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