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        Hao'en Fire Protection, a subsidiary of Zhong'anke, China Wanlixing Urumqi Station has come to an exciting end
        Release time: 2023-06-01
        On May 30th, in order to promote the development of Xinjiang's regional fire industry, 2023 Fire China Wanlixing · Uru Muqi stood on the 27th floor of the Oriental Dynasty Hotel in the Shengshi Dynasty Hall, which came to a successful conclusion.

        It is reported that the Firefighting Wanli Tour has been held for eight years and has always adhered to the principle of "everything for safety".Purpose. This time, Huicong Fire Network has teamed up with the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Fire Protection Association and numerous fire industry experts.Representatives of Xiu Enterprise attended the meeting, and through brand presentation and transmission, communication and sharing, we worked together to promote the development of the Xinjiang region.Work together to develop the fire industry.
        This time, the subsidiary of Zhong'anke, Haoen, still carries the carefully launched intelligent fire protection solutions and products Meet everyone.Yuan Yunbo, Deputy General Manager of Haoen, stated that Haoen hopes to bring more fire protection products to Xinjiang Qu, he introduced that the Haoen Intelligent Fire Protection Solution is a comprehensive product range with a wide range of platform functions.The "strength oriented" solution involves various aspects related to people's livelihood, such as water, electricity, fire, and gas Full protection is a solution that Haoen strives for excellence and launches with new efforts.


        The products exhibited by Haoen this time are all attracting attention due to their simplicity, fashion, and convenient installation, especially Haoen.The pure white and minimalist appearance of the Enqi Sense and Smoke Sense series is refreshing. In this exhibition, the business owners of Howen.The use of a gas alarm has sparked heated discussions. This product adopts a professional explosion-proof design and can monitor various gas leaks Leakage stands out among on-site exhibits with its outstanding appearance and powerful functionality.

        Firefighting China Wanlixing Urumqi Station has come to a successful end! This time, Hauen has gained a lot, full Carrying and returning, in the future, Haoen looks forward to working with colleagues both inside and outside the fire industry to build a safer lifeEffort.

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