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        Hao'en Fire Wanlixing, a subsidiary of Zhong'anke, embarks on a new journey
        Release time: 2023-05-29
        Taiyuan and Lanzhou stations continue to depart, fire protection first!
        Fire safety is more important than Mount Tai. On May 23rd and 26th, the 2023 Fire Protection hosted by Huicong Fire Network.China Wanlixing · Taiyuan Station+Lanzhou Station have successively come to a successful conclusion, with Zhong'anke subsidiary Haoen and numerous fire experts Xiu Enterprises gather at a grand gathering to discuss new developments in fire protection.

        Haoen shared with everyone the "Promotion of Building High Cost Effective Intelligent Fire Protection Products and Solutions".The keynote speech of "Rapid Development of the Industry" emphasizes the unique intelligent fire comprehensive management cloud platform of Haoen.And the entire series of products, and explain how Howen utilizes its own advantages to propose high standards for fire emergency and other aspects.Cost effective and professional solutions.
        In the product display area, Haoen's intelligent fire protection series products have also become popular due to their professionalism and systematicity.After receiving the brochure of Haoen Intelligent Fire Protection Solutions, a continuous stream of customers in the circle will flip through the brochure,Compare products and consult with staff on their specific performance from time to time, showing interest in the product.
        The next station of the Firefighting Journey is also about to arrive. On May 30th, Urumqi Station will be located in the Eastern Dynasty.The prosperous dynasty hall on the 27th floor of the hotel will be held, and we are waiting for all partners to meet for a grand event during this period.

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