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        Appearing at the exhibition and winning honors, Haoen, a subsidiary of China Security Technology, made a strong debut at the Shanghai Security Expo
        Release time: 2023-05-19


        In early summer, the grand event is here! On May 17-19, the 20th Shanghai International Public Safety Products Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Security Expo) was grandly held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. China Security Technology's subsidiary, Haoen, with six major solutions, made a strong debut at Hall 1's H7 booth and won the honor of "Top 10 Sales of Alarm System Products in the Security Industry of Our City from 2020 to 2022", demonstrating Haoen's core competitiveness and brand influence with its strength.


        Haoen's six major solutions make a strong debut
        Let security guard accompany you like a shadow


        For 29 years, Haoen has been deeply involved in the field of security products, and has been dedicated to research and development, striving for excellence. It has continuously launched six sub field solutions, including Haoen's perimeter intrusion alarm, intelligent building alarm, bank alarm, intelligent fire protection and elderly care, and entrance and exit control, which have attracted frequent attention and praise from on-site audiences.

        On the wall on the right side of the exhibition, Hauen meticulously showcases three major solutions that have aroused great interest among visitors: Hauen's perimeter intrusion alarm solution, which uses tension electronic fence system and pulse electronic fence system. Once someone crosses the fence, the system will immediately alarm to remind security personnel to pay attention, so as to quickly respond, stop intrusion behavior in a timely manner, and improve the security level of the perimeter.

        The bank alarm solution adopts the new product LHD6900, a heavyweight distributed network alarm host from Haoen. It is mainly used for security protection in financial institutions such as banks, attracting many visitors to stop and inquire.

        On the left wall of the exhibition, the "1+N" intelligent fire protection solution has become the focus of the scene. The solution covers six major systems, including smoke detection alarm, combustible gas alarm, and traditional fire protection renovation. It can achieve real-time monitoring of water, electricity, smoke, gas, fire, and other aspects, and construct a "smart fire prevention and control network".

        At the same time, on the afternoon of May 17th, the 20th Shanghai Security Expo Appreciation Dinner and Outstanding Security Enterprise Award Ceremony were held at the Shanghai Greenland Marriott Hotel. Haoen won the "Top 10 Sales Ranking of Security Industry Alarm System Products in Our City for the Year 2020 to 2022" industry award in one fell swoop. With its solutions and innovative products in the field of security, Haoen has demonstrated the cohesion and innovation of its brand through its achievements and sales.

        As a professional provider of security products and system solutions, Haoen hopes to leverage the Shanghai Security Expo to further approach customers and promote more business applications with high-quality products and services.

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