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        IHORN, a subsidiary of China Security Technology, showcases its five major security products at the IFSEC Security Exhibition in the UK
        Release time: 2023-05-19


        On May 16-18, one of the world's most well-known security industry professional exhibitions, the London Security Exhibition (IFSEC), was grandly held at the Excel International Convention and Exhibition Center in London, attracting procurement teams from nearly 100 countries and regions, as well as nearly tens of thousands of professional visitors to visit and negotiate.

        IHORN Haoen, a subsidiary of China Security Technology, made a stunning appearance at booth S3-S6 No.IF3837, showcasing five major security products worldwide, including iHORN Haoen LHD8100 home safety system, Pro series wired detector, Matter series detector, Zigbee series detector, and NB IoT/Cat 1 series detector. These products have been highly favored by customers and have become the focus of on-site attention.

        IHORN is committed to creating a "safer, more stable, and more flexible" professional alarm system, consisting of an alarm host, front-end detector, and alarm management platform. Once the front-end detector detects an abnormal situation, it immediately reports the data to the alarm host through FSK communication. The host then notifies the cloud platform through 4G/WiFi/Ethernet and other methods. The on-site sound and light alarm is triggered, and the alarm information is remotely notified to the end user through PC management, phone, SMS, APP and other methods to ensure the safety of personnel, property, and items in various places.


        As a product promoted by iHORN, this system has obvious advantages:

        Support 4G/WiFi/Ethernet communication: Triple communication channels, fast information reporting, to prevent information delay or loss caused by network congestion. Long communication distance: Adopting self-developed bidirectional communication technology, the communication distance can reach over 800 meters. Can be integrated with CMS platform: The alarm host supports CID and SIA protocols, and can interface with third-party CMS platforms. Security encryption: Using cloud computing, data transmission and storage encryption processing to ensure user data security. No installation, free use: accessed through a browser, no need to purchase a server, no need to install software. Ultra low power consumption characteristics: With adaptive power regulation and ultra low power consumption characteristics, the standby time of the sub device battery can reach 3-5 years.


        The T3 series products cover products such as door magnets, infrared, water immersion, smoke sensing, gas sensing, temperature and humidity sensing, gateway, etc. It adopts Zigbee wireless communication technology, which has stronger security and better compatibility. Not only does it have high appearance and smooth lines, but it has also been upgraded in terms of product functions and systems. It is a set of products with both appearance and technology.

        At this exhibition, iHORN Haoen launched a series of new smart home Matter products such as door magnets, infrared, and smart switches, which can seamlessly connect with the Matter ecosystem and communicate with Matter ecosystem products from different manufacturers and communication protocols, meeting the differentiated and personalized needs of users.

        At the same time, iHORN also showcased its NB IoT/Cat 1 series of detectors on site, including carbon monoxide detectors, door magnets, gas sensors, smoke sensors, and other products, which have lower power consumption, faster speed, and are more trusted by customers.

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