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        Haoen, a subsidiary of Zhong'anke, presented two major solutions at the China International Gas and Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition
        Release time: 2023-05-08

        From April 25th to 27th, the 25th China International Gas, Heating Technology and Equipment Exhibition, hosted by the China Urban Gas Association, was grandly held at the Futian Convention and Exhibition Center in Shenzhen.


        As an established provider of safety products and system solutions, Haoen has made a grand debut with smart gas safety and smart fire protection products and solutions, showcasing cutting-edge achievements in the gas industry with over 400 exhibitors from both domestic and international sources, and providing comprehensive support to the Shenzhen Gas Exhibition.


        At this exhibition, the Haoen booth (Hall 1, 1T050) was bustling with excitement, and Haoen's smart gas safety solutions received much attention from visiting users. This solution adopts a Haoen gas alarm, which can detect the leakage of combustible gases such as natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen, isobutane, etc. The alarm is issued through indicator lights and high decibel buzzers, and relevant personnel are notified through phone, SMS, APP, WeChat, etc. The mechanical arm and electromagnetic valve can be linked to cut off the gas source, prevent dangerous situations from happening, and fully protect gas safety.


        This solution has obvious advantages, stable performance, multiple types of gas detection, multiple communication methods, and multiple installation methods such as embedded, 86 box, and flat installation. It has low construction difficulty and can be widely used in pipeline galleries, mines, chemical engineering, gas stations, communities, restaurants, and other places, and has received unanimous praise from on-site audiences.


        At the same time, the Haoen Intelligent Fire Protection Solution has also become the focus of the site. The solution covers six major systems, including electricity safety monitoring, smoke detection alarm, combustible gas alarm, fire water monitoring, intelligent video monitoring, and traditional fire protection renovation. It can achieve real-time monitoring of water, electricity, smoke, gas, fire, etc., and build a "smart fire prevention and control network".


        The staff of Haoen detailed the entire workflow of the intelligent fire protection solution to the guests, demonstrating how the intelligent fire protection cloud management platform will notify users when encountering abnormal situations such as water, fire, electricity, and gas, further deepening the audience's overall understanding of the intelligent fire protection solution.

        During the exhibition, Hauen carefully prepared interactive and award-winning activities for everyone, and the generous prizes attracted the participation and interaction of many customers. At the same time, Haoen launched an online live streaming activity, leading everyone to visit the gas exhibition on the cloud, attracting a large number of online users' support and attention.
        In the future, Haoen will continue to promote core technological breakthroughs in the fields of smart gas safety and smart fire protection, assist in improving the level of intelligence in the gas industry, and bring safer protection to everyone.


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