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        Exhibition time
        Hao'en, a subsidiary of Zhong'anke, made a brilliant appearance at the 2023 Northeast China Security Expo
        Release time: 2023-04-28


        At the exhibition, Haoen presented a series of solutions at booth B235-B238, showcasing Haoen's new achievements in the fields of intelligent security, intelligent fire protection, smart home, intelligent elderly care, and smart access control, attracting many visitors to stop, visit, and exchange ideas.

        Haoen series of solutions showcased to provide comprehensive security protection

        On the left wall of the exhibition, three major solutions were mainly displayed: the perimeter intrusion alarm solution adopts a network type intelligent pulse electronic fence system, which can improve the security level of the perimeter; The intelligent building alarm solution adopts the LHB9000Pro alarm host, which can achieve comprehensive and three-dimensional security protection in intelligent building locations; The bank alarm solution adopts the new product LHD6900, a heavyweight distributed network alarm host from Haoen, which can enhance the security and prevention of financial institutions such as banks.

        On the right wall of the exhibition, the "1+N" intelligent fire protection solution has become the focus of the site. The solution covers six major systems, including electricity safety monitoring, smoke detection alarm, combustible gas alarm, fire water monitoring, intelligent video monitoring, and traditional fire protection renovation. It can achieve real-time monitoring of water, electricity, smoke, gas, fire, etc., and build a "smart fire prevention and control network".


        Hot product demonstrations and explanations are underway to deepen the image building of Haoen brand

        Many viewers have a strong interest in various solutions provided by Haoen. For example, Haoen staff demonstrated the entire workflow of intelligent fire protection solutions to guests in detail, showcasing how the intelligent fire protection cloud management platform would notify users when encountering abnormal situations such as water, fire, electricity, and gas, further deepening the audience's overall understanding of intelligent fire protection solutions.
        At the same time, customers are also interested in Haoen's alarm host, perimeter electronic fence, smoke alarm, gas alarm, facial all-in-one machine, electricity and water equipment and other products. Haoen's exhibition team introduced the product advantages and static demonstrations in detail, and through in-depth communication with customers, they gained a deeper understanding of the local market's needs and characteristics.

        The exhibition is currently in full swing. Welcome to our booth (booth number: B235-B238) for visit and exchange.

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