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        Industry Dynamics
        To build a livable, resilient, smart city —— city high-quality development has a standard system
        Release time: 2023-11-03

        Cities are an important carrier of economic and social development, production and life. How to make the cities we live in more livable, more resilient and more intelligent?

        Recently, the national standardization management committee and other six departments jointly issued by the urban standardized action plan (hereinafter referred to as the "action plan" ") is put forward: by 2027, the basic built with Chinese characteristics of urban quality development standard system, urban governance standard supply increased significantly, standard coordination and internationalization degree significantly enhanced, urban standardized development foundation more solid.

        In recent years, the focus of urban construction in China has shifted from incremental development to promoting urban renewal, and a scientific and systematic urban development index system is an important reference for promoting high-quality urban development and high-standard urban construction.

        Introduction of the Standards and Technical Management Department of the State Administration for Market Regulation, At the level of standard system construction, The Action Plan calls for the basic establishment of a standard system for high-quality urban development, Revised more than 150 national industrial standards in the fields of sustainable urban development, new urbanization and smart cities, To realize the coverage of the whole field, whole process control and whole means application of urban standardization; At the level of standard implementation and promotion, We will launch tests and verification of national standards in the areas of new urbanization, urban governance and public services, Release of more than 30 typical cases of urban standardization, Create a benchmark for the overall formulation and implementation of urban standards, The leading and driving role in regional urban standardization has been significantly enhanced.

        “Around these goals, the Action Plan proposes 16 key tasks, which can be divided into two aspects.”

        The person in charge of the introduction, on the one hand, consolidate the standard foundation of urban high-quality development, accelerate the construction of urban high-quality development standard system. Develop and improve the urban sustainable development, regional coordinated development, wisdom city, urban government services, urban grassroots governance, economic development, basic public services, urban security risk emergency guarantee, ecological environment, cultural protection and innovation of urban and rural services, urban public facilities management and service, new urbanization 12 aspects of standard, guarantee standard can cover the whole field, the whole process control, all means.

        Among them, in the field of smart cities, key technology standards such as classification and classification of smart cities, intelligent infrastructure transformation, data governance, urban brain and urban digital twin will be developed, and standards in typical application fields such as smart pension, smart parks, smart communities and smart transportation will be improved. In the field of ecological environment standardization construction, we will accelerate the formulation of standards for urban ecosystem monitoring, urban ecological restoration, ecological carrying capacity assessment, biodiversity protection, pollution reduction and carbon reduction coordination and other related fields, and develop standards for green procurement, green travel and green food.

        On the other hand, we should strengthen the implementation and application of standards in the whole city, and systematically promote urban standardization. Encourage pilot cities to deeply participate in the formulation, implementation and transformation of international standards for smart cities and urban sustainable urban development, and continue to promote the construction of international and innovative cities with standards. Carry out the comprehensive pilot construction of urban standardization innovation, and explore the application practice of integrating standards into the whole region of the city. Deepen and expand international cooperation on standardization among cities, and enhance the participation in international standardization of Chinese cities. Build a joint mechanism of urban standardization, and build a platform for the experience exchange and cooperation of urban standardization. We will explore special standardization actions in key areas to provide strong support for high-quality urban development. At present, many cities actively promote standardization construction and promote urban renewal.

        Yiwu, Zhejiang formulated and issued the small commodity group standard and issued the white paper on industry standardization, officially launching the construction of "standard city" for the first time in China; Qingdao, Shandong proposed to build a "standard international innovative city"; Chengdu, Sichuan issued the "Park City and Silver Border" park city standard to promote the standardized construction of park city in Tianfu New Area...

        People said that the issuance of the action Plan will further consolidate the standard foundation for high-quality urban development, strengthen the promotion and application of standards in the whole region, and provide standardization support to help improve the level of high-quality urban development and accelerate the modernization of urban governance system and capacity.

        Over the years, ZhongAnke has been committed to providing multi-dimensional solutions for the construction of digital cities in medical care, transportation, network security, architecture, education, architecture, gardens, elderly care, fire protection, water conservancy and other aspects, helping to create a smarter and more convenient urban life. Company constantly optimization, integration of resources, the wisdom city solution refinement divided into wisdom medical, intelligent transportation, intelligent building garden, fire, wisdom, has successively completed the Ningbo city public security bureau, Suzhou public transport command center, Shenzhen baoan district maternal and child health care, national key projects, part of the construction project won the China construction project luban award, Li Chun award industry honors.

        In the next step, the company will continue to give play to its comprehensive advantages in business areas, focus on the overall smart city industry chain, and gradually promote the construction of application scenarios. In response to the policy call of national public security and urban governance, focus on the real needs of the industry, real data and real scenes, and make the smart city scene services bigger and stronger.

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