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        Industry Dynamics
        Various standards and policies for the security industry in 2023 have been released or will be implemented
        Release time: 2023-09-11
        In recent years, in order to better resolve the impact of various market uncertainties on the security industry, and actively promote the efficient and healthy operation of the security industry, the state has issued a number of industry-related laws and regulations, industry rules and other policies and normative documents. Recently, in order to further accelerate the digital transformation of security enterprises and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, the relevant policies have been gradually implemented and implemented.

        01/The national standard GB / T41772-2022 "Information technology biometric recognition face recognition system technical Requirements" has been implemented on May 1,2023
        The standard makes it clear that the face recognition system is composed of view acquisition subsystem, view analysis subsystem, storage subsystem, comparison subsystem, decision subsystem, management subsystem, application development interface, etc. This move lays the foundation for the design and development of the updated face recognition system, so as to adapt to the personalized needs of the market.
        02/The national standard GB / T28181- -2022 "Technical Requirements for Information Transmission, Exchange and Control of Public Security Video Monitoring Network System" has been implemented on July 1,2023
        The standard stipulates the networking structure, signaling process, protocol interface and related security requirements of the video networking system, and is applicable to the scheme design, system detection and acceptance of the video networking system and the related equipment development and production of the public security video networking system.
        03/The national standard GB / T42585-2023 "General Specification for information Technology biometric Identification module" will be implemented on December 1,2023
        Some insiders said that the new national standard of the general specification of fingerprint identification module, due to its clear fingerprint identification module function, performance, security and reliability indicators and test methods, can effectively standardize the application of fingerprint industry, promote the reasonable and orderly development of the industry.
        04/The national standard GB/T42442.1-2023 "Smart City Smart Parking- -Part 1: General Requirements" will be implemented on October 1,2023
        This requirement establishes the overall architecture of smart parking, and stipulates the basic requirements of Internet of things perception, network communication, technology storage, data support, application service and other security. It is the first national standard formulated for the smart parking industry, and has an epoch-making milestone significance.
        As a whole, the standard through unified and standardize related units in the field of urban wisdom parking to carry out the relevant requirements of planning, construction, for the wisdom parking provides important theoretical support, aims to further promote the parking information connectivity, realize the efficient utilization of parking resources and rational configuration, improve urban parking fine management, improve the overall service level of the parking industry. It provides important guidance for the relevant planning units and construction units of smart parking, which contributes to the healthy and sustainable development of the smart parking industry, and then effectively alleviates the problem of "difficult parking" in the city.
        05/The Ministry of Commerce and other 13 departments issued a notice on several measures to promote household consumption
        In July 2023, the Ministry of Commerce issued the Notice of 13 Departments of Commerce on Measures to Promote Home Consumption (hereinafter referred to as the Notice).
        "Notice" mentioned to vigorously improve the quality of supply, support enterprises to use the Internet of things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, accelerate the intelligent home appliances, intelligent security, intelligent lighting, intelligent health, intelligent video and audio entertainment and other home products research and development. Promote the interconnection of smart home devices, establish and improve the standard system, and promote the development of single product intelligence to the whole house intelligence. We will launch trials to build digital homes.
        Overall, in recent years, thanks to the strong support of national policies, the security industry market size to trillion mark. Data show that in 2022, China's total output value of the security industry is about 946 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 4.9%. 2023, with the improvement of the domestic and foreign business environment and the implementation of supportive policies, the total output value of the security industry will formally set foot on the trillion-dollar mark.
        ZhongAnke actively responds to the national call of "accelerate the digital transformation of security enterprises" proposed by the subsidiary, Haoen has a number of intelligent building alarm solutions, intelligent home sensor series and other intelligent security products, and the subsidiary Corson has intelligent access control, face recognition series, intelligent parking lot and other products. Looking forward to with the help of policies, our intelligent security products can serve more customers and help the smart life together.

        Topology diagram of the Hown Building Alarm Solution system

        Corzon face recognition system

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