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        Industry Dynamics
        In 2023, the top ten emerging technologies will be released, and generative artificial intelligence will be listed
        Release time: 2023-07-27

               The 14th Annual Meeting of New Leaders of the World Economic Forum (also known as the "Summer Davos Forum") was held in Tianjin from June 27th to 29th. The "2023 Top Ten Emerging Technologies Report" released by the forum reveals the emerging technologies that will have the greatest impact on the world in the next three to five years.

               These ten emerging technologies include flexible batteries, generative artificial intelligence, sustainable aviation fuels, engineering bacteriophages, metaverse for improving mental health, wearable plant sensors, spatiomics, flexible neuroelectronics, sustainable computing, and artificial intelligence assisted healthcare.

               The report points out that generative artificial intelligence is a new type of artificial intelligence that generates new original content by learning large-scale datasets. It attracted widespread public attention at the end of 2022 due to the release of ChatGPT. Generative artificial intelligence will trigger disruptive changes in multiple industries such as education and research.

               From diagnosis to drug design, artificial intelligence is widely regarded as a driving force for improving healthcare. This report focuses on the role of artificial intelligence in supporting medical systems, including monitoring the epidemic, assisting decision-making, personalized treatment, and improving medical service efficiency. Artificial intelligence assisted healthcare has enormous potential and will have a profound impact on the healthcare industry in the coming years.

               The report also points out that thin flexible batteries made of lightweight materials that can be bent, folded, and stretched are about to enter the market. This new generation battery technology is expected to have a market value of $240 million by 2027, and has application prospects in fields such as medical wearable devices, biomedical sensors, flexible displays, and smartwatches.

               In addition, according to the report, product developers are starting to build shared virtual spaces to improve mental health in response to the escalating mental health crisis. The next generation of wearable devices that combine the metaverse in the future can provide users with a sense of touch or respond to their emotional states, making them a great way to improve mental health.

               According to the introduction, the report was jointly selected by a team of experts based on multiple different criteria, and qualitatively evaluated the impact of each technology on human, Earth, prosperity, industry, and social equity. In addition to bringing significant benefits to society and the economy, these technologies must also be disruptive, attractive to investors and researchers, and expected to be widely applied within five years.

               Associate Professor Wu Ruohao from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology stated that many of the top ten emerging technologies involve fields such as health and healthcare. These emerging technologies have been applied in medical and neurological fields and will be extended to daily life in the future to improve people's quality of life.

               “We hope this year's report can become a powerful tool for business leaders and policymakers to unlock the potential for emerging technology change and shape inclusive adoption, "said Jiang Ruijie, Executive Director of the World Economic Forum and General Manager of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Center.

        (Content source: Security Information Network)

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