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        Industry Dynamics
        Overview of 26 National Manufacturing Innovation Centers
        Release time: 2023-07-27
             Manufacturing is the foundation of a country and the foundation of a strong country. As the top five projects of the strategy of building a strong manufacturing country, the National Manufacturing Innovation Center faces the significant demand for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the cultivation of new driving forces for development. By focusing on weak links in the industry, integrating various innovative resources, carrying out key common technology breakthroughs, and connecting the innovation chain of technology development, transfer, and diffusion to commercial applications, it comprehensively enhances the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.

             Since 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has approved and recognized 26 national level manufacturing innovation centers nationwide in 36 key construction areas such as new generation information technology and robotics, of which two are jointly built by local governments.


             From the perspective of the construction regions of the National Manufacturing Innovation Center, there are 3 each in Beijing and Shenzhen, 2 each in Shanghai, Wuhan, and Qingdao, and 1 each in Xi'an, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Zhuzhou, Luoyang, Suzhou, Baotou, Wuxi, Tai'an, Bengbu, Hefei, Ningbo, Nanchang, Chengdu, etc.


             This article provides an overview of 26 national level manufacturing innovation centers for the benefit of readers.


             National Power Battery Innovation Center

             The innovation center is oriented towards the common needs of the industry, adopting a combination mechanism of marketization and collaborative innovation among government, industry, academia, and research. It focuses on building an open and collaborative new energy vehicle power battery innovation ecosystem, striving to improve the research and development level of power batteries, promote the transformation of research results, provide strategic support for the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and enhance the competitiveness of the power battery industry.


             National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center

             This innovation center aims at cutting-edge common key technologies such as major equipment, important materials, key processes, core software, and core components, as well as innovative technologies, transformation technologies, and incubation technologies. Through interdisciplinary innovation and collaborative innovation of government, industry, academia, research, and application, it creates a complete innovation chain and industrial chain, driving the transformation and upgrading of the entire manufacturing industry.


             National Printing and Flexible Display Innovation Center

             The innovation center is mainly aimed at the significant demand for innovative development of printed display devices and materials, with the goal of key common technology research and development supply, transfer and diffusion, and first commercialization. It aims to build a public open platform for the integration and research and development of printing and flexible display technology, and create an ecological cluster for the printing and display industry.


             National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center

             The innovation center will gather industry advantages and innovative resources, focusing on four directions: high-speed optical chips, silicon optical chips, quantum chips, and integrated chips. It will focus on the application fields of information optoelectronics such as next-generation networks, data center optical interconnections, and 5G, and break through key and common technology bottlenecks in high-end material growth, core chip processes, and advanced packaging integration.


             National Robot Innovation Center

             The innovation center will focus on cultivating and developing the inspection and testing capabilities of robot complete machines and key components, the incubation capabilities of robot core components in pilot tests, application demonstration capabilities, and industry support service capabilities, forming a national robot industry collaborative innovation base that integrates research and development, achievement transformation, industry services, and talent cultivation.


             National Integrated Circuit Innovation Center

             The innovation center will target key common technologies in integrated circuits, accelerate the transformation of research and development achievements to productivity through talent cultivation, achievement diffusion, industry services, and international cooperation, provide technology sources and intellectual property protection for the upgrading of China's integrated circuit industry technology and the construction of next-generation integrated circuit production lines, and support the production of domestic high-end chips in domestic manufacturing enterprises, Further enhance the technological level of China's integrated circuit industry.


             National Intelligent Sensor Innovation Center

             The innovation center aims to establish research and development platforms, process manufacturing platforms, testing platforms, design service platforms, and engineering service platforms for sensor new materials, new processes, and new device structures. It aims to develop core technologies for the materials, manufacturing processes, packaging, and device integration of the new generation of sensors, promote the industrialization of key common technologies, and form a collaborative innovation mechanism for production, learning, research, and application.


             National Center for Digital Design and Manufacturing Innovation

             This innovation center is oriented towards national strategic and pillar industries, focusing on key common technologies such as digital design, digital analysis, and digital manufacturing. It builds a platform for digital design and manufacturing innovation capabilities, provides talent and technical support for the research and development of core industrial software and core process equipment in key fields of digital and intelligent manufacturing, and forms the core competitiveness of China's digital intelligent manufacturing technology.


             National Lightweight Material Forming Technology and Equipment Innovation Center

             The innovation center revolves around the "design process equipment product" technology chain and industry chain of multiple key components of lightweight materials, striving to focus on lightweight design, advanced forming processes, and "bottleneck" equipment. It develops, verifies, and applies more than 100 new processes, equipment, and products, and is positioned as a research and development institution and innovation institution that solves key technical problems for the entire industry, Relying on upstream and downstream units and alliance units in the industry, we aim to create a source of lightweight forming original technology.


             National Advanced Rail Transit Equipment Innovation Center

             The innovation center is established and operated in accordance with the "operating company+industry alliance" model, aiming to tackle key common technologies and modern engineering technologies targeting the high-speed, heavy-duty, green, and intelligent development trends of rail transit equipment. It actively explores mode innovation, organizational innovation, business innovation, and institutional mechanism innovation, forming a set of replicable and promotable innovation models in the industry, and helps accelerate the transformation of rail transit technology achievements.


             National Agricultural Machinery Equipment Innovation Center

             The innovation center focuses on the key materials and processes, core components and components, and intelligence of agricultural machinery equipment, building research and development design platforms, pilot test certification bases, promotion and application and achievement incubation platforms, and common technology service platforms to promote the coordinated development of the agricultural machinery equipment industry chain.


             National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Center

             The innovation center is constantly breaking through key common technologies in the industry, while also accelerating the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements. It invested over 1 billion yuan to build the National Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Center project, which covers an area of over 160 acres. While providing physical space for research and innovation, it will also build a service platform for industry sectors. At the same time, the innovation center will also establish a professional technical service platform company to provide professional technical services to the industry through enterprise operation, reduce inefficient and repetitive research and development, and promote the innovative development of China's intelligent connected vehicle industry.


             National Advanced Functional Fiber Innovation Center

             The innovation center has established a technology innovation supply system supported by "key laboratories," "pilot bases," and "national textile testing centers", focusing on functional fiber new materials, high-end fiber materials and textiles, and cutting-edge fiber new materials; At the same time, aiming at advanced functional fibers and disciplines such as information, machinery, and biology, technological breakthroughs and cross integration have been made, and a series of capacity building has been carried out to explore the establishment of an integrated innovation system with an industrial chain layout innovation chain.


             National Rare Earth Functional Materials Innovation Center

             The innovation center will focus on the fields of rare earth magnetic, luminescent, catalytic, alloy and other functional material industries, as well as the recycling and utilization of rare earth secondary resources, focusing on the integration of high-end rare earth functional material design, processing, and manufacturing technology, key technologies for batch preparation of rare earth new materials, and the development and application technology of rare earth new materials in the forefront. It will create a collection of key common technology research and development, pilot incubation A new innovative platform that integrates testing verification and achievement transfer.


             National High Performance Medical Device Innovation Center

             This innovation center focuses on the significant demand for high-end medical equipment in the fields of prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, which are closely related to medical health. It focuses on key directions such as high-end medical imaging, in vitro diagnosis and vital sign monitoring, advanced treatment, implant intervention devices, rehabilitation and health information, and is committed to breaking through the common core key technologies of industry development, completing various stages of technology development, transfer and diffusion to the first commercial application, Build a high-performance medical device industry innovation ecosystem that runs through the innovation chain, industry chain, and capital chain.


             National Integrated Circuit Characteristic Technology and Packaging Testing Innovation Center

             The innovation center will fully leverage its technological accumulation in the field of advanced packaging and system integration in the early stage, focusing on the structural adjustment and innovative development needs of China's integrated circuit industry. By gathering upstream and downstream resources in the industrial chain, it will build an innovation system with enterprises as the main body, combining industry, academia, and research. It will break through key common technologies in the field of integrated circuit characteristic processes and packaging testing, and build industry common technology research and development platforms and talent training bases, Promote the innovative development of China's integrated circuit industry.


             National Advanced Printing and Dyeing Technology Innovation Center

             The innovation center operates in a "company+alliance" model, focusing on the design and development of high-quality printing and dyeing products, new technologies for energy conservation and emission reduction, digital intelligent printing and dyeing equipment and manufacturing systems, and building public research and development platforms, pilot certificates, and technology incubation bases. It aims to create new innovation carriers, improve technological level and product competitiveness, and support the green innovation development of the printing and dyeing industry.


             National 5G Medium and High Frequency Device Innovation Center

             This innovation center closely focuses on key technologies in the design, manufacturing, testing, and application of 5G and future communication medium and high frequency core devices, focusing on three major research and development directions: new semiconductor materials and processes, 5G medium and high frequency core devices, and silicon based millimeter wave integrated chips for RF front-end. It builds a pilot platform for mass production technology research and development of silicon based GaN RF and millimeter wave, Provide public technical services for the development and verification of common technologies from pilot to mass production for device enterprises in the industrial chain.


             National Glass New Material Innovation Center

             The innovation center will focus on information display glass, new energy glass, energy-saving and environmental protection glass, and special glass, and carry out innovative capacity construction such as key common technology research, testing and verification, pilot incubation, and industry public services, to promote the innovative development of China's glass new material industry.


             National High end Intelligent Home Appliance Innovation Center

             The innovation center will focus on the development direction of high-end, intelligent, and scenario oriented household appliances, with a focus on breaking through a number of key common technologies in the fields of ontology technology, intelligent technology, safety technology, and scenario technology, in order to enhance the technological innovation level and product competitiveness of China's high-end intelligent household appliance industry.


             National Intelligent Voice Innovation Center

             The innovation center is established in the form of a "company+alliance", focusing on the major needs of manufacturing development, conducting research on key common technologies, and committed to creating a high-level and distinctive national intelligent voice common technology research and development and public service platform for the intelligent speech industry in China, becoming the source of supply for key common technologies in China's intelligent speech industry, and achieving deep integration of speech and manufacturing.


             National and local co construction of silicon based hybrid integration innovation center

             The innovation center mainly focuses on the innovative development and key common technology needs of the domestic silicon based hybrid integration industry. By gathering backbone enterprises and scientific research forces in the field of silicon based hybrid integration in China, an innovation system with enterprises as the main body and a combination of industry, academia, and research is formed, and key core technologies such as silicon based optoelectronic chip process technology and 3D integration process technology are tackled.


             National and Local Co construction of Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine Innovation Center

             The center focuses on key common technical issues in modern Chinese medicine and the health industry, and conducts in-depth technological innovation and research in the fields of component Chinese medicine new drug creation, green intelligent manufacturing of Chinese medicine, quality improvement of Chinese medicine pharmacy, research and development of new biological technologies, research and development of classic formulas, and internationalization of Chinese medicine. It is committed to becoming a driving force and leader in the modernization and internationalization of Chinese medicine.


             National Ultra High Definition Video Innovation Center

             This innovation center aims to meet the significant needs of the development of the ultra-high definition video industry, focusing on front-end collection, content production, encoding and decoding, network transmission, and industry applications, enhancing the capabilities of key common technology research and development, technology application promotion, and industry public services, and promoting the innovative development of China's ultra-high definition video industry.


             National Virtual Reality Innovation Center

             The innovation center focuses on the key common technological challenges that constrain the development of China's virtual reality industry, constructing platforms for key common technological research and development, testing and verification, testing, technical services, talent cultivation, and international cooperation, gradually building an industrial innovation ecosystem that covers the entire virtual reality industry chain, and promoting the high-quality development of China's virtual reality industry.


             National Graphene Innovation Center

             This innovation center focuses on the weak links in the development of the graphene industry, focusing on the research and development directions of large-scale preparation of graphene materials, industrial application of graphene materials, and quality improvement of the graphene industry. It carries out key common technology research and development, supports the creation of an innovation system that runs through the innovation chain, industry chain, capital chain, talent chain, and value chain in the graphene field, and promotes the innovative development of China's graphene industry.

        (Content source: Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Alliance)


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