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        Industry Dynamics
        Policy publicity and implementation: The state has issued guidelines to standardize the implementation of a new mechanism for cooperation between the government and private capital
        Release time: 2023-11-10

        Photo source: CCTV network

        In order to thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, the National Development and Reform Commission, together with relevant parties, drafted the Guiding Opinions on Standardizing the Implementation of the New Mechanism for Cooperation between Government and Private Capital (hereinafter referred to as the Guiding Opinions), which was recently forwarded by The General Office of the State Council to all local governments and departments for implementation.

        The Guidance consists of four main aspects. First, accurately grasp the overall requirements of the new mechanism. The new mechanism focuses on user-paid projects, adopts the franchise mode, reasonably grasps the key areas, prioritizes the participation of private enterprises, clarifies the division of management responsibilities, and steadily promotes the implementation of the new mechanism. Second, standardize and promote the construction and implementation. Strictly review the franchise program, fair selection of franchisees, standardize the signing of franchise agreements, strict implementation of investment management procedures, and project construction and implementation management. Third, effectively strengthen operational supervision. Regularly carry out project operation evaluation, standardize the franchise agreement changes and project transfer and other work, the establishment of a regular information disclosure mechanism, discipline illegal and trustworthy behavior. Fourth, increase policy protection. Strengthen the organization and implementation, do a good job of factor protection and financing support, and support innovative project implementation.

        In addition, the Guidance also specifies the list of new (including reconstruction and expansion) projects of franchising that support the participation of private enterprises (2023 version), to maximize the encouragement of private enterprises to participate in new (including reconstruction and expansion) projects of government and social capital cooperation.

        Photo source: China.gov.cn public website

        At present, in the context of the State issued the Opinions on Promoting the Development and Strengthening of the Private Economy, the government has taken out some of the projects with operational benefits and encouraged private enterprises to participate, which has broadened the investment channels of private capital and boosted the confidence of private enterprises. For private enterprises, they can rely on their own brand and technical advantages to gain more opportunities to participate in the project competition.

        Zhonganke Co., Ltd. has been deeply cultivating in the fields of smart city and smart transportation for many years and has rich experience in data center construction and operation. It has participated in the construction of key projects such as China Mobile Data (Xinjiang) Center Project, Suzhou Public Transportation Command Center, Tianjin Zhenyun Data Center, and State Grid Corporation Northwest Branch Data Room, and has accumulated multi-disciplinary and internationalized customer resources and equipment purchasing channels.

        The company has initially formed the strategic goal of "supporting the manufacture of intelligent security products, optimizing smart city solutions and expanding overseas intelligent security operation services". Next, the company will actively respond to the national policy and call, continuously integrate the domestic smart city system integration business needs, focus on the overall smart city industry chain, through the intelligent system integration solutions superimposed on the way of product business promotion, and then to the overseas security operation subsidiaries to carry out channel synergies and industrial synergies.

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