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        Intelligent building
        Intelligent buildings are using Internet of things (IOT), mobile communications, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies to redefine the building space in a digital way, and collaborate with a variety of intelligent building systems that lack connectivity, interoperability, coordination and synchronization in the past to narrow the distance between people, people and things, things and things, and reinterpret people's cognition, touch and experience of intelligent buildings. Take the overall online of equipment, personnel and business as the core idea to help cities improve the informatization, automation and intelligence of the whole life cycle. Create a safer, more comfortable and more convenient smart city environment from three levels of perception, analysis and optimization.

        Intelligent building business undertaking subsidiaries: Shanghai Qingtian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tongfang Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Zhongke Intelligent System Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huahe Wanrun Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhong'an xiaoxulong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
        Classic Cases
        • Baoji Grand Theater
          Baoji Grand Theater
          The weak current intelligence project of the project is undertaken by Zhong'an Xiaoxulong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhong'an Technology. The theater is located in the Baoji Central Financial and Cultural Business District of CCBD, west of the north exit of the Weihe Civil Air Defense Tunnel, with a total construction area of 41000 square meters and a maximum height of 36 meters.
        • Xi'an Zhongda International THE CITY
          Xi'an Zhongda International THE CITY
          Zhong'an Xiaoxulong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhong'an Technology, undertakes the construction of its commercial and residential intelligent subcontracting projects. Zhongda International THE CITY is a public building that integrates residential communities, hotel services, commercial complexes, and administrative offices. This project has won the National High Quality Engineering Award.
        • Lingang Yaoxue Ice and Snow World
          Lingang Yaoxue Ice and Snow World
          Shanghai Qingtian Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhong'anke, undertakes the audio and video system and background broadcasting system of this project. This ice and snow world includes the world's largest indoor ski resort, three five-star resort hotels, conference centers, and ice and snow themed commercial towns, leading the new consumption trend of ice and snow sports and tourism vacations in China. It is a highly attractive ice and snow vacation complex.

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