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        Intelligent Transportation
        With the continuous development of urbanization and the continuous improvement of economic level in China, the number of motor vehicles and drivers has increased rapidly, which makes the traffic situation more and more serious and brings unprecedented challenges to traffic management. According to the statistics of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security, the number of motor vehicles and the number of drivers across the country increased rapidly in 2016, with 27.52 million newly registered vehicles, 33.14 million new drivers and 194million car ownership, both of which reached the highest level in history.

        Facing the trend of globalization and informatization in today's world, traditional transportation technologies and means can't meet the needs of economic and social development. Intelligent transportation system is the inevitable choice of the development of transportation industry and a revolution of transportation industry. Through the effective integration and application of advanced information technology, communication technology, control technology, sensing technology, computer technology and system integration technology, the interaction between people, vehicles and roads is presented in a new way, so as to achieve the goal of real-time, accuracy, efficiency, safety and energy saving.

        China security intelligent transportation solutions make public travel safer, more convenient, energy-saving and more efficient, allowing managers to divert traffic in time and space, ease traffic congestion and improve transportation efficiency.

        Its business undertaking subsidiaries: Jiangsu Zhongke Intelligent System Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huahe Wanrun Information Technology Co., Ltd., Zhong'an xiaoxulong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Tongfang Technology Engineering Co., Ltd.
        Classic Cases
        • Suzhou Public Transport Command Center
          Suzhou Public Transport Command Center
          The project is undertaken by Jiangsu Zhongke Intelligent System Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhonganke. It integrates monitoring and management of the city's transportation operation through a 123 square meter, the largest rear projection splicing screen in Suzhou, and corresponding development software. It also provides integrated information services for transportation, which is conducive to promoting the coordinated operation of the transportation system both internally and externally, and improving transportation efficiency.
        • Luoyang Railway Station
          Luoyang Railway Station
          Zhong'an Xiaoxulong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhong'an Science and Technology Co., Ltd., undertakes the comprehensive transportation hub New South Square and underground space weak current engineering of this project. Luoyang Railway Station Comprehensive Transportation Hub is one of the large-scale comprehensive transportation hubs planned for the central urban area of Luoyang City, integrating various urban transportation modes such as railways, long-distance passenger transportation, subways, buses, and taxis.
        • xi'an xianyang international airport
          xi'an xianyang international airport
          Zhong'an Xiaoxulong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhong'an Technology, undertakes the second phase expansion project of the T3A terminal weak current system project. The airport is located in Weicheng District, Xianyang City, northwest of Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province, 25 kilometers away from the urban area of Xi'an. It is a 4F level civil international airport and one of the eight major regional hub airports in China.

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