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        Company Culture
        Company Culture
        Company Culture
        • Mission
          Technology creates security: Technology Intelligence Alliance, guarding security. Within the reach of technology, there is no worry about safety. Based on technology, forge a dream of safety.
        • Vision
          Committed to becoming a globally leading comprehensive security operator and smart city systems integrator.
        • Core Values
          Moral Philosophy: Philosophy of life is like the source of water
          Tolerance: All rivers run into the sea, which is modest and tolerant
          Diligence: Good conduct and due diligence when managing the enterprise
          Harmony: Work together and create mutual benefit and harmony
        Social Responsibility
        From the very beginning, China Security & Fire has closely combined social responsibility with growth, and has actively taking on social responsibility and developed active corporate citizenship.
        • Responsibility towards shareholders
          By preserving and making good use of its capital, China Security & Fire is committed to maximizing its overall interest and wining long term trust and support of its shareholders and investors. In 2015, China Security & Fire made a year-on-year jump in profit growth, giving continuous and stable returns to shareholders.
          China Security & Fire has developed perfect governance structure, strict supervision and internal control mechanism. Additionally, it has adopted “three conference” systems, including shareholders conference, directors conference and supervisors conference to protect investors’ legal interests and rights. Furthermore, China Security & Fire has fully improved risk management level, provided many anti-fraud channels such as anonymous complaint mechanism for employees and others, to maintain the company’s stable, sound and sustainable development.
        • Responsibility towards employees
          Our belief that “talent is the most valuable treasure” drives us to care about each employee’s mental and physical health, and to put emphasis on their development. To begin with, we provide ample space to our employees for career development and excellent overseas study opportunities to our managers annually, through strategic knowledge education, and occupational quality and skills training. Next, we have adopted employee stock ownership program and stock option incentive plan to share development results with employees. We also organize annual employee health examination and provide insurance facilities for our employees. Finally, we try to enrich our employees’ life after work and improve their physical environment through a wide range of sports and cultural activities, such as badminton and basketball. Additionally, we have established “Care Fund for Needy Workers” to provide a safety net for employees that need help.
        • Responsibility towards society
          China Security Co., Ltd. has always been giving back to society with a grateful heart,With the goal of "building a safe, convenient, efficient, and sustainable smart city", actively build a smart city ecosystem, improve the way enterprises and city managers participate in urban construction, help cities better respond to development challenges, and bring higher quality of life to urban residents; At the same time, we actively participated in the public welfare field, organized the care for autistic children, the "Warm Daliang Mountains" love relay public welfare activities, donated safe grain and oil for kindergartens, donated patrol cars for the campus of Beijing Forestry University, helped poor college students to study and find jobs, and carried out activities such as "Unite to build a city, pray for Ya'an", to share the responsibility for building a harmonious society.
        • Responsibility towards the environment
          From a standpoint of reducing environmental pollution, saving energy and improving the quality of human life, and in accordance with various applicable laws and regulations, and taking our own characteristics into consideration, we have reduced or prohibit the use of various toxic and hazardous substances in our products and projects, to minimize negative influences of production and operation, on the environment. To fulfill our commitment to the environment, we have obtained ISO environmental management system certification. Through IoT, cloud computing, mobile internet and Big Data, we have built smart environmental protection platforms that offer reliable solutions for environmental quality monitoring and early warning systems. We have also established a solar energy model project to build actual experience and technical data for large-scale use of solar energy, and to more effectively protect the environment.

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        • Company address:Building 5, Huazhong Xiaogui Mountain Financial Culture Park, No. 203, Zisha Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province
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